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Genelec upgrades to Platinum membership of IABM

Mon 09, 11 2020

Audio monitoring expert converts to top level status

IABM announced today that Genelec ( has upgraded its IABM membership to Platinum. Genelec joins a select group of industry leaders including Avid, Dell Technologies, Diversified, Grass Valley, Skyline Communications, Telestream and Verizon Media in enjoying the wide range of benefits and recognition that top-level Platinum membership of IABM confers.

IABM is the international trade organization whose members represent the majority of the broadcast and entertainment technology market’s revenues worldwide. IABM facilitates the important networking and interaction between suppliers that shape and define the unique ecosystem of the broadcast and media technology industry.

For over 40 years, Genelec active studio monitors and subwoofers have delivered truthful, neutral sound reproduction – enabling audio professionals to make fast, accurate and reliable mix decisions, even in challenging rooms. Trusted by broadcasters for their uncoloured performance and bulletproof reliability, every Genelec monitor is designed to adapt to the room’s acoustic environment – allowing the user to deliver mixes that translate consistently, however the content is being distributed and consumed.

Genelec Managing Director Siamak Naghian commented: “Back in 1978, our very first studio monitor was developed as a direct collaboration between ourselves and Finnish broadcaster YLE, and our deep connection to the broadcast industry has remained ever since. However, with the rapid changes in modern broadcasting, understanding our customers and their challenges has never been more important – so we look forward to the role that IABM can play in helping us continue our very close relationship with this key market segment.”

“We welcome Genelec’s decision to upgrade to our highest level of membership,” said Lisa Collins, IABM Head of Membership Engagement. “Audio plays a vital role in our industry – try watching TV or a film with the sound off! – but too often the audio sector is under-reported in general industry commentaries. IABM has worked hard to change this, producing an annual audio special report and ensuring that audio is well-represented in all our output. Genelec joining our select group of Platinum members will help us drive recognition of the importance of audio across the market. The leadership position and deep access to our membership benefits that Platinum membership confers, particularly in business intelligence, will support Genelec as it strives to push deeper and wider into the market.”

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