IABM appoints Stuart Ray to key training role

IABM appoints Stuart Ray to key training role

IABM appoints Stuart Ray to key training role

Tue 26, 09 2023

Association drives forward development and learning in response to the skills crisis

IABM, the international trade and business association for broadcast and media technology with 450 members worldwide, has appointed Stuart Ray to the new role of Head of Skills and Development. He addresses the twin challenges of developing the new skills required by engineers already in the media business, and bringing in young talent by showing the industry to be an attractive and exciting option.


Ray has been involved in training and education for the television industry for almost 30 years. Most recently he was head of department at Solent University, a leading institution providing degree courses in media technology, computing and television production.


In his new role he will continue the development of the IABM training programme, to ensure that it gives the right direction. As the industry moves from legacy infrastructures towards software-defined architectures and IP connectivity, with AI and machine learning rapidly growing in prominence, there is a need for transformative refocusing of skills across the board.


At the same time, the shortage of talent is becoming a critical limiting factor, for media enterprises and the technology businesses that support them. An important part of the role is to engage with academic institutions and training bodies worldwide, to ensure they understand that this industry has a broad range of challenging and exciting jobs, and to guide them along the paths needed to fulfil careers in the media.


“Recently I have been researching the shortage of young people studying media technology,” Ray said. “It brought home to me just what is needed in terms of marketing the industry to potential recruits, as well as the level of need for retraining and upskilling.


“The IABM, as the industry trade body, really grasps the need to address these issues: without action then we risk falling behind,” he added. “That is why I am so excited to take on this job. I am very much looking forward to working across the industry, from developers and manufacturers to producers and broadcasters, to improve the flow of talent into the business and strengthen the future.”


Lucinda Meek, IABM Chief Finance and Operations Officer, said “Our most recent market research identified the skills and talent shortage as a crisis for the industry, with more than two-thirds of those surveyed saying recruitment has got significantly more difficult over the last two years. In Stuart Ray we have someone with a huge amount of experience who has a passion for bringing people into the broadcast and media industry. Our membership is looking to him to turn on the talent tap.”

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