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IABM Detailed Report from the SMPTE June 2021 Standards Meetings

Mon 21, 06 2021

This SMPTE Standards meeting round was held online rather than in-person, a recurring victim of covid19. Five SMPTE meeting rounds have now been held online and the remaining two for 2021 are planned to be online.

The IABM’s detailed report from this meeting round can be accessed on this IABM Technology website page. If you would prefer just an executive summary, there is one on the same page.

As usual, the meetings covered a very wide range of broadcast and media standards. For example:

Continuing development of the 2110 suite of documents including progress on the documents defining fast metadata transport and on measurements; a suite of Protocol Implementation and Conformance Statements for ST 2110; more essence formats being mapped into MXF; new work on “Inter-Entity Trust Boundary” (a media firewall between media entities for material transfer).

Please remember that we are always available to answer any questions you may have about SMPTE and its standards and any suggestions you may have for improving our technology standards services. Paul Treleaven

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