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IABM Executive Summary and Full Report from the SMPTE September Standards Meetings

Sat 24, 09 2022

The IABM participated in this SMPTE Standards meeting round, held at the EBU, Geneva. This was the first in-person SMPTE Standards meeting since Covid-19 drove us all online. It was the first opportunity for Standards Community participants to meet SMPTE's new Executive Director, David Grindle. 

We have compiled:

  • an executive summary highlighting new work just starting and project developments that we think are most relevant to members.
  • a detailed report of progress on Standards projects that we believe will be of interest to members

Both documents are available to members on this website page

For brief details of all 95-odd active projects, see SMPTE’s own report here.

It may take a little longer for SMPTE's own report to be available.

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