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IABM Report and Executive Summary from the AES October 2021 Standards Meetings

Sat 09, 10 2021

The AES standards meeting round is normally held in conjunction with each of its two annual conventions (one in Europe, one in the USA). The Fall convention was planned to be co-timed with NAB in Las Vegas, but Covid19 prevented both in-person events, so a virtual Convention will take its place October 11 – 30 and a virtual Standards Meeting round was held October 4 – 8.

The IABM has produced a report of the standards meetings that can be downloaded from this webpage (member login required). Below is a short Executive Summary of the meeting round.

The most important work, as far as most IABM members will be concerned, has all been in the Audio Applications of Networks working group for some while:

  • AES67 – related projects. The most active AES67 work has been a study report on extending AES67 beyond the LAN and into the WAN and Cloud. The report was published in the last month. Latency and accurate timing are amongst the problems identified and some solutions are proposed in the report.
    The group maintains a list of topics that have been proposed for the next revision of AES67 – revision meetings are planned to start now that the WAN report is finished. Several revision items are being worked on and a draft revision has been submitted to the group.
  • Audio Metadata Transport. This project is well-advanced, having recently based its structure on a SMPTE document that is in development (ST 2110-41). The group examined use-cases, but was really waiting for the SMPTE document to advance to ballot; that is expected to happen soon.
  • Open Control Architecture (OCA, AES70). A revision to the 3-part AES70 suite was published January 2019. The proponents have identified substantial revision work that is likely to start November 2021. There will be a new AES70 part on JSON implementation.
  • A document on using AES70 for managing AES67 and ST 2110-30 Media Stream Connections is being drafted. Substantial changes are being made, in line with changes that are planned for AES70 itself.

A working group on Digital Library and Archive Systems has been re-established and it met at this round. We are monitoring its work in case it proves relevant for IABM members.

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