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intoPIX Ships v2.0 of FastTICO-XS SDK for x86-64 CPU platforms to speed up JPEG-XS workflows

Wed 14, 10 2020

2nd generation, twice the performance. Literally !

intoPIX, leading provider of innovative compression technologies for the audio-visual market, is proud to announce the launch of FastTICO-XS version 2.0 for x86-64 Intel & AMD platform. Only 2 months after the new Nvidia GPU release, our software team strikes again with a new MAJOR release of its x86-64 implementation of the new increasingly popular JPEG XS codec.

This SDK enables you to build advanced software-based solutions offering very high performance and low latency for HD, 4K or 8K workflows. It makes it easy to incorporate it into latency-critical applications such live/remote/cloud production or AV over IP.

Version 2.0 of intoPIX’s FastTICO-XS SDK for X86-64 CPU platforms introduces the following features and capabilities:

  • 200% faster encoding/decoding: The FastTICO-XS Software Development Kit v2.0 is more than a mere revision of its 3-month old predecessor. It raises the pure CPU-based JPEG XS encoding and decoding to new levels: expect a close to a doubling or more of the current performances, especially for the higher UHD resolutions and higher compression ratios.

As the sole provider of a full-stack offer – FPGA, CPU and GPU – of JPEG XS solutions, intoPIX is striving to ensure its customers have the best option for their platforms. This overall of our FastTICO-XS SDK for CPU will enable real-time JPEG XS on a wider range of processors, further reduce the load of existing implementations and essentially give more flexibility to the codec’s adopters.

  • New API to achieve less than 1 millisecond of latency in CPU: With FastTICO-XS SDK v2.0, encoding/decoding 4K video at 60fps with Visually Lossless Quality no longer requires powerful GPUs or dedicated hardware. Pure software on mid-range CPU becomes a viable alternative. And although FPGA implementation will stay at the cutting edge of optimum latency, sub-frame latency is no longer its appanage: full HD encode/decode is now a matter of tens of lines …This is due to a partial API, also a major innovation of the v2.0 release. For the decoder, it enables the production of a video while the CodeStream is still incoming. The encoder will start producing CodeStream while still receiving pixels… reducing the overall latency to less than 100 lines i.e. less than 1ms.
  • The new SDI mapping Add-On enables users to map 4K/8Keffciently over existing 3G/HD-SDI cables. This unique feature reformats the XS codestream to fully map the SDI active area avoiding the forbidden EAV/SAV codes, offering a 20% gain of compression/quality performances. This Add-On completes the previously released FFmpeg Add-On.

The v2.0 release is shipping this month. Visit our website for more information about the intoPIX FastTICO-XS SDKs or contact us to try and test the latest release.

About intoPIX

intoPIX is a leading technology provider of innovative compression, image processing and security solutions. We deliver unique FPGA/ASIC IP cores and efficient software solution (on CPU & GPU) to manage more pixels, preserve quality with no latency, save cost & power and simplify connectivity. We are passionate about offering people a higher quality image experience. Our solutions enable the audio-visual market to build new AV workflows, reducing costs in HD, 4K or even 8K, (re-)using CAT5-E cables to move to AV-over-IP, replacing uncompressed video, enabling new wireless (Wifi-6) experience and preserving always the lowest latency and the highest quality.

For additional information, visit

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