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intoPIX to showcase its lightweight compression IP at Embedded Vision Summit 2022 on Lattice Booth

Tue 24, 05 2022

Belgium, Mont-Saint-Guibert, 9 May 2022 – intoPIX is pleased to participate in the Embedded Vision Summit 2022 alongside its partner Lattice. This year, intoPIX will showcase with Lattice its wide range of compression FPGA IP-cores & CPU/GPU SDKs for vision, automotive and security, including both the new innovative JPEG XS (TicoXS)extra small compression and the sensor compression TicoRAW.

These disruptive lightweight compressions are suitable to capture, transmit, store, and manage higher resolutions (from 2MP to 200MP) with cost-saving, power-saving, memory-savings and lossless quality… at the speed of light.

The new Lightweight JPEG XS codec.

Discover the world’s first ISO standard combining low complexity, extremely low latency and high-quality compression. intoPIX TicoXS IP are ideal to replace uncompressed video in many devices and workflows with microsecond latency, perfect quality and low complexity in hardware & software.

TicoRAW is the new RAW!

Compress any type of Color Filter Array (CFA) RAW Sensor data by 10 with microsecond latency, preserve a perfect RAW quality with low complexity. TicoRAW delivers RAW data with smaller size, faster speed, lower bandwidth from 1 Mpixel to 200 Mpixels at high bit-depth. A solution also to reduce power consumption and optimize the design of cameras and embedded IoT devices.

“We are really glad to showcase our solutions on the Lattice booth” said Jean-Baptiste Lorent, Marketing and Sales Director at intoPIX. “We recently ported our most advanced IP-cores on the low-power Lattice FPGA’s and the EVS event will be a nice opportunity for everyone to discover our IP capabilities.”

The Embedded Vision Summit is a premier conference for innovators incorporating computer vision and edge AI in products. The summit is operated by the Edge AI and Vision Alliance, a worldwide industry partnership bringing together technology providers and end-product companies to accelerate the adoption of edge AI and vision in products.

Demonstrations will take place at Lattice‘s booth #519 (May 16-19 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California). Book a meeting with our experts to better understand how intoPIX enables vision, automotive and security solutions to be more efficient and competitive.

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