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Sat 16, 10 2021

UK-based Interregional Sports Group (ISG) and Supponor have combined with Lega Serie A to scope, build and deploy the most ambitious and advanced integrated virtual media technology project ever attempted in live sports broadcasting.

Developed to coincide with Serie A’s launch of its new International Broadcast Centre, the project represents a ‘world first’ in the use of AI supported Supponor AIR™‘ technology which will see virtual goal mats, virtual perimeter VLED, virtual centre circle mats, virtual ‘bench/dugout’ and some additional bespoke virtual assets for all 380 championship matches a season.

For almost a decade ISG has been the leader in the world of virtual media rights creation and revenue generation in premium sports broadcasting. Equally, Supponor has been at the forefront of virtual media technology development. Although ISG has always positioned itself as technology agnostic, the ISG-Supponor relationship is unique with them working as partners in global sports since ISG was established almost a decade ago. ISG also has a shareholding in Supponor.

Last year, ISG’s production and technology team worked closely with Supponor’s R&D team to accelerate development of Supponor’s early-stage, next generation, technology. In early 2021, after extensive testing, ISG-Supponor worked with Lega Serie A to scope, build and deploy for the start of the current season, the most ambitious and advanced integrated virtual media technology project ever attempted in the history of live sports broadcasting.

Simon Burgess, joint CEO of ISG, said: “This deep collaborative partnership with Supponor in the optimisation & deployment of this advanced technology has enabled us to achieve what would have been unthinkable and impossible no more than 12 months ago. In these strange times, not all news is about crisis management, this is a huge positive, a massive game changer for the commercial sports industry.” 

 James B. Gambrell CEO of Supponor added: “We are very proud to partner with ISG on this important virtual project, our Supponor AIR™ technology is ground-breaking and testament to the enormously talented teams that work in Supponor and ISG. Our relationship with ISG is special, although we also work with many other excellent organisations, this integrated approach provides unique benefits to all participants across these large and complex projects”

This revolutionary new AI supported platform operates out of the new Serie A International Broadcast Centre (IBC), just outside of Milan, Italy. The Serie A IBC is one of the most technically advanced and complex broadcast centres in the world. From there, over 100 technicians and production personnel produce all live matches and archive remotely all the Serie A TV, radio, web via 4k production from stadiums across Italy connected via fibre optic. Deployed in record time, the centre was operational from commission to going live for the first game of the season in approximately 18 weeks. ISG’s team operates, integrates, and produces virtual goal mats, virtual perimeter VLED, virtual centre circle mats, Virtual ‘bench/dugout’ and some bespoke additional virtual media across for all 380 championship matches a season, including Coppa Italia draws.

Luigi de Servo, CEO of Lega Serie A said: “This is a real world first, as we launch one of the world’s most advanced broadcast centres, and as Serie A continues the development of its media division…We build upon our previous six years of successful partnership with ISG; launching the most exciting & ambitious virtual media project in broadcasting history. This initiative unlocks the potential for all 20 clubs in our league, generating commercial opportunities in different markets and regions across the world. We are confident that ISG and Lega Serie A will continue their strong union for many more years to come.”


About ISG

Interregional Sports Group (ISG) is a full-service international sports media group focused on global premium sports. With its HQ in London, ISG focuses on regionalising broadcast technology and strategies. ISG strives to provide its clients with the optimal audience engagement products. Working across all five top European football leagues, including UEFA, on some of the best sports TV production in the world, to state-of-the-art virtual advertising technologies and traditional media; their philosophy is always globally impactful but regionally relevant.


About Supponor
Supponor pioneered and is the clear market leader in delivering virtual replacement technology of
TV-visible signage for real-time broadcast and streaming of in-venue sports advertising. Our advanced technology platform delivers the most powerful and impactful brand activation in broadcast sport by integrating powerful augmented reality overlays with traditional broadcast quality solutions. This dramatically enhances the value of media and marketing rights for mass-audience sporting events for sports rights holders and their brand sponsor and broadcast partners.
As a pure-play technology solutions provider, Supponor has over 15 years of experience in research, development, testing, integration and commercial deployment. Supponor has commercially deployed its virtual advertising replacement solutions at hundreds of live broadcast events across 10 major broadcast territories in Football (LaLiga, Bundesliga, Serie A, The FA), Hockey (NHL), Motor Racing (F1), American Football (NFL), Basketball (NBA) and other Tier 1 Sports.

Supponor is based in London and Helsinki, with additional presence in Barcelona, Köln and New York, and is management owned and backed by leading VCs, strategic partners and institutional investors.

For more information, visit

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