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KATHREIN Broadcast presents MULTI VENDOR RETROFIT concept for Broadcast antennas

Fri 18, 11 2022

KATHREIN Broadcast GmbH, Rohrdorf, 10th of November 2022
KATHREIN Broadcast presents its multi vendor retrofit concept that can be used to extend the service life cycle of existing antenna systems for broadcasters – regardless of the supplier of the original system.

Numerous broadcasting antennas with long-term prospects of use have already been in operation worldwide for 30 or more years. In Germany, for example, it is expected that, despite the planned migration to digital transmission standards such as DAB+, the large FM stations will remain in operation for years to come. In order to meet rising maintenance costs and ensure operational safety, these systems would actually have to be replaced.

Instead of investing in new systems across the board, the KATHREIN MULTIVENDOR RETROFIT concept enables targeted measures to be taken by means of a qualified inspection of the antenna systems in order to extend the service life and operational reliability of individual systems.

“Outdated antenna installations can pose a security risk and cause extraordinary maintenance and operating costs due to high failure rates. An investment in the inspection of the systems is therefore an intriguing proposition from an economic point of view,” says Christian Sautter, project
manager at KATHREIN.

Suppliers of older installations are often no longer active on the market, but this can also apply to new systems.

“With the ongoing market consolidation of broadcast equipment suppliers, it may become necessary to keep systems in operation that are no longer supported by their suppliers. Thanks to our high level of engineering expertise and the flexibility of our solutions, we can also support customers at this point. We will continue to be available as a long-term system partner in the future,” says Jörg Lippert, Managing Director of KATHREIN Broadcast.

KATHREIN has already received orders for the implementation of this concept and has determined in the course of assessments that most of the systems can be brought up to the state of the art with targeted measures. As a result,
unplanned repairs and cost outlays as well as operational downtimes were avoided for these customers.

With its retrofit concept, KATHREIN Broadcast is able to analyze existing transmission antenna systems for all frequency ranges (VHF, VHF, UHF) and make them future-proof by replacing individual components, as
necessary. Basic elements of the superstructure such as GRP cylinders or antenna mounts can often be reused. Solutions can be provided on the basis of basic system documentation, even if, for example, individual components are no longer available on the market. In this way, systems from other suppliers can be supported to extend their life cycle or in the event
of failures, be supplemented with suitable new system components from

The KATHREIN Broadcast Retrofit concept contains the following
• Targeted on-site assessment of the antenna system, its attachment
to the tower and all components.
• Analysis of the condition of the system and definition of possible
measures for maintenance to ensure continued operation.
• Preparation of detailed assessment documentation.
• Consulting and planning services for the implementation of the
proposed measures.
• Preparation of an offer for implementation
• Performance of the work on site by KATHREIN and specialized
partners, taking into account the operational needs of the customer.
• Acceptance testing of the upgraded antenna system with the
• Documentation of the maintenance and, if necessary, the conversion after completion of all work.

About KATHREIN Broadcast GmbH:
KATHREIN Broadcast is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional broadcast antenna systems with a complete range of broadcast antennas for FM, TV, DAB and DTV broadcast. KATHREIN was founded in 1919 in Rosenheim, Germany, to manufacture antennas and lightning protection devices. Since 1955, KATHREIN has been supplying professional broadcast antenna systems of all sizes to broadcasters in all parts of the world, from Canada to China and from Norway to South Africa. KATHREIN broadcast antenna systems are known for sophisticated engineering and solutions tailored exactly to customer requirements. The products are of the highest quality and designed for many years of trouble-free operation even under most extreme environmental conditions.
With more than 3,000 different products from a wide range of broadcast technology fields, KATHREIN is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of antennas in the world.

Press and company contact:
Christiane Wegner, Tel. +49 8031 6193 150,
Further information at

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