latakoo Wins Air Force Grant and Consideration for U.S. Military Contracts

latakoo Wins Air Force Grant and Consideration for U.S. Military Contracts

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latakoo Wins Air Force Grant and Consideration for U.S. Military Contracts

Tue 06, 07 2021

Air Force grant opens latakoo’s patented cloud technology to military and government applications for single source access to secure and rapid video transfers.

AFWERX, the U.S. Air Force program, created to foster a culture of innovation, awards nearly $600 million per year to small, but game-changing technology companies. AFWERX partners with the Small Business Innovative Research Program to ensure the Air Force can secure the world’s most advanced new technologies to solve its most urgent challenges.

AFWERX chose latakoo’s stand out suite of cloud-based services following its very first grant application request. Already generating excitement and strong support, latakoo won $50,000 dollars to introduce its technology to U.S. military installations, departments and offices worldwide.

Born in the cloud, latakoo allows large organizations to securely move high quality video from inhospitable locations all over the world to any destination or system in the precise speed, quality and security format required. latakoo allows the Department of Defense to better analyze, respond to and track an overwhelming amount of incoming and outgoing data from multiple military sources. latakoo delivers enhanced media efficiency, speed, and quality and complies with all security protocols.

Next, latakoo will apply for round two of the AFWERX grant. Round two award winners compete for $750,000 along with possible matching funds from installations and departments ready to road test latakoo’s most ground-breaking innovations.

Awarding latakoo its coveted first-round grant empowers decision makers to explore and assess latakoo’s patented cloud technologies, including quick and easy video transfers, collaboration and workflow solutions, and soon to be released secure live streaming with remote control cameras. If chosen for future rounds, latakoo’s tools could enhance operations across multiple military installations.

“We are thrilled to work with the Air Force and support other departments across the military. latakoo already provides mission critical workflow solutions for some of the world’s largest broadcasters.” said Paul Adrian, latakoo’s Co-founder and CEO.

latakoo’s combination of elite engineers and award-winning investigative journalists first perfected the very essence of broadcast media workflows in the cloud, building intelligent technology so effective that leading broadcasters such as the BBC and Nexstar Media Group adopted it as their new industry standard. Now, latakoo’s patented, cloud-focused, technology is positioned to put multiple military and government institutions on a next era path towards secure, streamlined media and metadata transfer and tracking by replacing fragmented, specialized, hard to use and outdated systems.

About latakoo 

Founded in 2010 by two award winning journalists for journalists, latakoo is the fastest, easiest way to transfer video files from anywhere to anywhere. The International Trade Association for the Broadcast & Media Industry (IABM) named latakoo its 2020 Company of the Year and selected latakoo President Jade Kurian as a finalist for its Technology Leader of the Year award. The industry trade, TV News Check, honored Jade as a Futurist in its 2020 Women in Technology awards.  latakoo enables professional broadcasters and production companies to automate delivery of video content to different asset managers, digital platforms, and ingest or playout servers seamlessly. The latakoo solution is used by some of the world’s leading broadcasters, including the Nexstar Media Group. The company is based in Austin, Texas.

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