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Litepanels Honored at 72nd Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy® Awards

Fri 12, 02 2021

20 Years of Pioneering Development in Television Lighting Recognized with Third Prestigious Industry Award

LOS ANGELES Feb. 15, 2021 — Litepanels, a global provider of professional broadcast and cinematic lighting solutions and a Vitec Group brand – has been honored at the 72nd Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy® Awards for its pioneering development of LED lighting for television production. The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences presents the Technology & Engineering Emmy Award to honor development and innovation in broadcast technology that is so extensive an improvement on existing methods or is so innovative that it has materially affected television production.

The award recognizes Litepanels’ pioneering spirit as the originators of LED panel lighting and 20 years of continual innovation in television and motion picture lighting. Starting with the original 1×1 LED panel, and building on that success, Litepanels has developed ever-more innovative broadcast and cinematic lighting solutions. Its industry leading LED lighting fixtures, including on-camera lights, Fresnels, RGB special effects lighting and advanced wireless control systems, have become a staple in television production around the world.

Litepanels was founded in 2001 by five Hollywood gaffers and lighting engineers who wanted to revolutionize production lighting using newly emerging LED technology. They developed a lightweight, slim-profile 1×1 panel that produced an HD-friendly light. With outstanding color accuracy, the light could be infinitely dimmed with no noticeable shift in color temperature and was eco-friendly drawing less energy to lower running costs while generating practically no heat to keep the on-screen talent comfortable.

This accolade represents a hat trick of honors for Litepanels from the Academy. The company received a Primetime Engineering Emmy Plaque in 2005, and in 2009 Litepanels received a Technology & Engineering Emmy award – the first time they had presented the award to a lighting manufacturer.

With an ever-increasing range of solutions including on-camera lights, Fresnels, RGB special effects lighting and advanced wireless control systems, Litepanels has become the industry standard for productions wanting to benefit from the eco-friendly, low heat benefits of LED lighting. And Litepanels lighting solutions extend beyond television and feature production, to include the White House and Pentagon Briefing Rooms, and even the International Space Station.

“Litepanels have been at the forefront of LED technology for television lighting for 20 years.” said Nicola Dal Toso, CEO Vitec Production Solutions, “Pushing against the beliefs held at the time of the capabilities of LED technology, we created a revolutionary product that changed broadcast lighting forever.” He added, “We are proud to have been recognized again by the National Academy of Arts and Sciences with this iconic award for our role in advancing the broadcast lighting industry.”

“It is an honor to be recognized a third time by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for our pioneering work in LED lighting technology” said Litepanels co-founder, Pat Grosswendt. “This award is testament to the ground-breaking vision with my four original partners, and the continuing dedication of the entire Litepanels team to understanding the everyday lighting challenges in television lighting to develop ever more innovative technical and creative solutions.”

This year’s recipients will be honored at the 72nd Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards Ceremony, which is tentatively scheduled to be a virtual ceremony in partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) on Sunday, October 10, 2021.

More information about Litepanels can be found at

About Litepanels

Litepanels, a Vitec Group brand, was founded in 2001 by five professional gaffers and engineers who saw the future and pioneered LED lighting for motion pictures, television, and the audio-visual industry. Their Emmy® award-winning technology has now been used on thousands of productions worldwide and is trusted by the world’s leading broadcast organizations. Litepanels continues to expand its suite of flicker-free, color-accurate, fully dimmable soft lights that talent and lighting directors admire. These environmentally friendly panels can pay for themselves with power savings and long life, setting a new standard in professional lighting. More information can be found at

About the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) is a non-profit service organization dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of television and the promotion of creative leadership for artistic, educational, and technical achievements within the television industry. It recognizes excellence in television with the coveted Emmy® Awards for News & Documentary, Sports, Daytime entertainment, and Daytime Creative Arts & entertainment programming, as well as achievements in television Technology & Engineering.

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