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LYNX Technik Debuts HDR Evie™ at NAB 2019

Mon 04, 03 2019

The WORLD’S FIRST Automated “Frame-by-Frame” HDR to SDR Conversion Solution

March 1, 2019 – Weiterstadt, Germany – At NAB 2019, booth N2827, LYNX Technik AG®, provider of modular interfaces for broadcast and professional AV signal processing applications, will introduce HDR Evie™, an enhanced video image engine powered by the greenMachine® multi-purpose processing platform.

Identified as one of the top key trends for 2019 and beyond, HDR (High Dynamic Range) provides viewers with a brilliant visual experience unlike any other. The demand for more realistic and vibrant colors and enhanced dynamic range is ever-increasing. This creates a demand for broadcasters and media professionals to implement HDR solutions into their workflows to not only deliver enhanced content to the new HDR equipped displays, but more importantly to provide equally stunning content to the vast installed base of standard SDR displays.

HDR Evie™ is the world’s first system using advanced algorithms which automatically analyze and apply optimal corrections in real time on a frame by frame basis. This unique capability is unlike any solution today and is the perfect real time production tool for sports or any live broadcast event needing high quality real time HDR to SDR conversions.

HDR Evie – Exceptional HDR to SDR Conversion shown on a split-screen (left: after conversion, right: before conversion)

Typically, HDR to SDR conversion is achieved using a single static correction for the entire production, which can be accomplished with LYNX Technik’s greenMachine® HDR Static Conversion solution. This is effective for fixed, predicable applications such as TV studio production. However, for more dynamically demanding and unpredictable content, such as live sports or news broadcasts, the analysis and corrections must be adapted on a frame by frame basis to cope with challenging lighting conditions, brightness levels and image composition. Until now “frame by frame” corrections were only possible by manually applying correction metadata to each frame which is then utilized during live playback; a non-real-time process, both time consuming and expensive.

HDR Evie™ is powered by the award-winning greenMachine titan platform, a compact self-contained AV processing appliance. Along with dynamic HDR conversions, greenMachine is also equipped with integrated frame synchronization, up / down cross conversion and a suite of powerful audio processing capabilities.

greenMachine HDR Evie™ supports single channel 12G SDI 4K/UHD conversions or can be configured as a four channel device for 3G (HD) applications. 4K Quad 2SI inputs and optional 12G fiber I/O connectivity makes it compatible with almost any system. A wide array of conversion possibilities are supported including: 4K HDR to 4K SDR, 4K HDR to HD SDR and even conversion between HDR standards. HDR Evie™ supports a range of open standards for conversion, tone mapping and color gamut including HLG, PQ, SDR and SLog3.

HDR Evie’s advanced technology is proprietary and patented, following years of research and development in close cooperation with the Technology team led by Professor Mike Christmann at Hochschule RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Seeing is believing! Come and meet HDR Evie™ in person on the LYNX Technik NAB 2019 booth N2827. Visitors will have the opportunity to personally evaluate the performance of HDR Evie™ image processing using an HDR camera capturing live content at the show.

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About LYNX Technik

LYNX Technik AG® was founded in 2002 and is now an industry leader and technology provider of software and hardware interface solutions for real-time signal processing in audio visual environments. LYNX Technik is an independent privately-owned company with its headquarters, research and manufacturing facilities based in Weiterstadt, Germany. Sales and Support is covered through secondary distribution channels managed from its headquarters in Germany, USA (California), and Asia (Singapore).

Product brands include: greenMachine® multi-purpose processing platform, yellobrik® standalone plug-and play modules, Series 5000™ rack and card-based series, APPolo control system and the Testor | lite 3G digital test signal generators.

Products include: audio / video / fiber conversion, audio / video distribution, fiber splitters, CWDM mux/demux, audio embedding / de-embedding, audio delay, image processing, frame synchronizers, test generators, 4K transmission solutions, as well as a line of rack frames and accessories.

For more information about LYNX Technik’s products & services please visit:, or email You can also find LYNX Technik on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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