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Masstech launches new online storefront and content acquisition portal for Kumulate

Wed 09, 09 2020

New modules add a customisable, automated buying experience and streamlined content delivery capabilities to the Kumulate hybrid cloud content management platform 

Masstech today launched two new modules for Kumulate, its video storage management platform, adding efficiency, automation and new revenue opportunities for content owners and distributors. As the industry addresses the pressure of this year’s pandemic and subsequent reduction in new and live content, customers are looking for standardisation and automation to improve processes, as well as efficient access to more content for monetisation opportunities. With Kumulate Gallery for enhanced web-based storefront capabilities and Kumulate Gateway for intuitive and automated content acquisition, the Kumulate platform is addressing the critical challenges facing the industry now and as we move into a new business environment.

Web-based storefront for B2B and B2C content

For creators looking to distribute and monetise their content Kumulate Gallery provides a platform to display and sell content, increasing the potential market and revenue opportunities. Reaching customers who want to buy content is often a manual process – user input is required to segregate content and provide the necessary checks for permissions and rights. With Kumulate Gallery, user-defined attributes are used to automatically publish content to the relevant storefront, allowing organisations to reach the right B2B & B2C audiences without complicated rights management. Customers can browse, preview and purchase with ease, thanks to the familiar web store-style interface that can be fully customisable and branded.

Intuitive content acquisition reduces manual processes

For any organisation that regularly receives content from multiple suppliers – such as large broadcasters or networks – challenges are often associated with handling various media types and content standards which have to be dealt with manually. Kumulate Gateway is designed to simplify and streamline the content acquisition process. It provides a single location for content submissions and automates the compliance-check process. Based on customisable settings, Kumulate Gallery can automatically reject or approve content and send notifications to the supplier, with a dashboard to provide clear visibility of assets and their status.  Providing the first step in an orchestrated workflow, this new module can approve content to be submitted to Kumulate workflows such as transcode, relocation to deep storage (on-premises or cloud) and distribution to other departments or locations.

“The latest additions to our Kumulate platform bring automation, efficiency and enhanced revenue opportunities to content providers and creators at each end of the media supply chain,” said George Kilpatrick, CEO, Masstech. “As assets evolve through their lifecycle from production through processing, packaging, to distribution, Kumulate provides a customisable storage environment, that can evolve to support the promotion and sale of content with Kumulate Gallery and streamline content acquisition with Kumulate Gateway.”

Masstech is offering virtual demos of Kumulate Gateway and Kumulate Gallery now. Visit the Masstech v-IBC page to book a session from 8-11 September.

About Masstech Innovations 

Masstech Innovations creates intelligent, hybrid cloud-based storage and asset lifecycle management solutions for the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry. Masstech combines the experience of many decades of broadcast and video content storage management with cloud and other vanguard technology development processes, to identify and address the challenges of the industry’s constantly evolving technical and business landscapes.

Today, more than 400 organizations representing every facet of M&E, around the world and across every platform, rely on Masstech solutions to keep their assets secure, and to deliver them to the right location in the correct format. For more information, please visit

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