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Mo-Sys Launches StarTracker Sports Studio

Fri 05, 03 2021

A unique integrated real-time graphics solution for sports presentation and production

Mo-Sys Engineering (, leaders in virtual production and image robotics, and HYPER Studios (, leaders in cloud broadcast graphics, have created the first virtual production system with data-driven sports graphics.

StarTracker Sports Studio combines a complete virtual production system, based on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, and capable of generating moving camera virtual studios, augmented reality (AR), and extended reality (xR), with a state-of-the-art HTML5 sports graphics system.

An ever-increasing number of sports broadcasters use virtual studios and AR with data-driven graphics, where each graphic type is generated by two separate graphics systems. However, rather than simply keying standard overlay graphics on top of a virtual set, sports broadcasters are now asking to integrate data-driven graphics inside the virtual studio, for example, making them appear inside a virtual monitor or synchronising them to an AR animation where the graphics need to match the style and branding of the AR virtual graphics.

StarTracker Sports Studio enables in-context design of photo-realistic virtual graphics with data-driven sports graphics, simplifying the creation and operation of this new approach to virtual sports graphic presentation.

“We have engaged with many sports broadcasters in order to capture the full spectrum of graphics functionality and workflows that they need now and going forwards, in order to cover major events,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “Working with HYPER Studios, we have designed a system that allows a sports broadcaster to create integrated and in-context virtual graphics content, and as a result produce more engaging and differentiated content for their viewers.”

Mo-Sys will launch StarTracker Sports Studio at the SVG Europe Sports Graphics Summit on 5 March ( It is available to order 2 April 2021.
About Mo-Sys

Mo-Sys is an innovative designer and manufacturer of advanced image robotics and virtual production products for the high-end film and broadcast industry. The Mo-Sys product range spans remote heads & motion control, broadcast robotics, mechanical and optical camera tracking for AR and VP, and on-set visualization.

About HYPER Studios

HYPER offers a suite of affordable, scalable, real-time, next generation graphics and data management tools that easily fit any workflow, from traditional on-premise SDI installs to NDITM and cloud based HTML5 /WebGL graphics.  HYPER products seamlessly integrate with a wide range of production platforms, be it referenced Fill and Key signals into a traditional switcher, or NDITM and HTML5 inputs into live video streaming software.

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