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NextRadioTV Accelerates its Digital Transformation and Network Expansion with Dalet

Tue 10, 09 2019

New BFM Lyon regional channel launches on existing Dalet Galaxy converged platform; agile environment with centralized content hub enables rapid channel deployment and scalable multi-platform distribution strategy

Paris, France – September 5, 2019 Dalet, a leading provider of solutions and services for broadcasters and content professionals, announced today that NextRadioTV has leveraged its existing Dalet Galaxy Media Asset Management (MAM), Workflow Orchestration and Editorial platform located in Paris, France to launch the new BFM Lyon news channel. Owned by the multinational telecoms and mass media company Altice Group, NextRadioTV is one of the largest media properties in Europe with 14 TV and two radio channels, reaching more than 10 million viewers each day. A Dalet customer since 2005, NextRadioTV powers its content production, playout and multi-platform distribution workflows with Dalet Galaxy for all of their leading TV, radio and digital channel brands including, BFM Business, BFM Paris, RMC Sport, RMC Story, RMC Découverte, and BFMTV, France’s most-watched news channel. The diverse program content contains breaking local and national news, world financial and business news, and full coverage of football, rugby, tennis, boxing and more.

“NextRadioTV has an ambitious roadmap in terms of both new content production and new channels, like BFM Lyon,” comments Antoine Robelin, Broadcast CTO, NextRadioTV. “Underpinning the entire operation with an agile platform like Dalet Galaxy enables us to centralize all of our media operations and optimize productions. More than 1,000 journalists and editors are able to work with the Dalet Galaxy system. They work collaboratively and share their content across all NextRadioTV brands. This gives us tremendous flexibility with regards to feeding channels and distribution outlets, including our new BFM Lyon channel.”

NextRadioTV’s digital transformation with Dalet has enabled the group to launch new initiatives like the ultra-targeted regional station BFM Lyon quickly, while keeping in line with the brand’s content strategy across multiple locations. With a reputation for always being the first to broadcast breaking news, the Dalet tools help NextRadioTV verify, editorialize and broadcast content before any other media outlet.

“Launching BFM Lyon, the second regional channel after BFM Paris under Altice France, marks a major step in our network expansion strategy. Thanks to the advanced collaboration framework and powerful connectivity, Dalet Galaxy has helped broaden our reach while accelerating a digital transformation that allows us to continue to scale with ease,” adds Antoine Robelin.

A single Dalet Galaxy MAM, orchestration and editorial platform powers NextRadioTV’s massive multi-channel, multi-format and multi-output programming, from news and sports to long-form and radio programs, allowing individual teams to manage collaboratively everything from content ingest, editing, graphics and playout, to multi-platform distribution and archives.

Johann Zemmour, General Manager EMEA-APAC, Dalet comments, “The agility of Dalet Galaxy is very important for NextRadioTV’s product-oriented production approach, in which they use a studio to produce a show and decide later where and when that program content will appear on TV, radio and digital. Dalet Galaxy allows them to use their resources independently of their channels, enabling NextRadioTV to leverage a wide range of content for new channels as well as manage distribution across their many platforms in an incredibly efficient manner.”

Dalet systems have supported BFMTV programming throughout their entire history, from a small newsroom of 50 people to what is today several hundreds of simultaneous users and advanced workflows covering all production and playout operations. Serving all operations across multiple locations, the Dalet Galaxy systems facilitates immediate content sharing across all departments, supporting desktop editing for fast turnaround news and sports via Dalet OneCut, and advanced packages crafted on Adobe Premiere Pro CC brought seamlessly into the collaborative workflow via Dalet Xtend.

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