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Object Matrix & StorageDNA extend their technical partnership to enable multiple storage end points for users

Mon 28, 11 2022

The technical partnership between StorageDNA and Object Matrix has been extended with the integration between StorageDNA’s new DNAfabric 2.0 and MatrixStore Cloud, the revolutionary media-focused cloud storage platform. This means users can gain instant access to their content via intuitive media interfaces, and DNAfabric allows users to connect to and enable data management services across multiple storage end points.

DNAfabric is a scalable, wide area, unstructured data management services platform. It connects to multiple storage end points (filesystems, object) across on-premise, remote, and cloud while enabling multiple services. It allows organisations with increasingly distributed data footprints to manage their unstructured data more securely and effectively with one comprehensive toolset.

The joint solution enables customers to manage their unstructured data more securely and effectively using their cloud-optimised Unstructured Data Management Toolset. These tools, paired with MatrixStore, offer customers an extremely secure media solution via S3 access.

DNAfabric 2.0 is able to perform numerous operations between 3rd party storage and your MatrixStore On-prem or MatrixStore Cloud. It is able to scan, index, backup, and archive assets to a multitude of storage tiers, including file systems and object storage. Customers will benefit from a wealth of important business-facing reports such as indexing, storage analysis, and snapshots. It’s that simple.

Tridib Chakravarty, CEO of StorageDNA, commented: “Object Matrix and StorageDNA have multiple joint customers who are realising the value of hybrid cloud pipelines and workflows. With this joint offering, we have created a certified solution to handle backups, long-term storage, archiving, and multi-site workflows”.

Mark Habberfield, Global Sales Engineer of Object Matrix commented: “StorageDNA have had a long history of Media Industry data protection which complements Object Matrix nearline object storage. With the rapid move to Hybrid and Cloud workflows DNA Fabric and MatrixStore Cloud gives the best of both worlds. Customers want to search, find and preview their media Libraries and working with the great team at StorageDNA for the last 8 years has made it very easy”

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