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One monitor to fit all: new multiviewing tool combines flexibility and usability

Thu 19, 05 2022

G&D’s new Personal Workplace-Controller lets user individually arrange and operate multiple sources

With G&D’s Personal Workplace-Controller, the KVM experts unite the best of multi-viewing and KVM: Displaying, arranging, and operating multiple sources on one monitor. This way, each user will be able to individually design their own workstation and operate it with just one mouse and one keyboard.

Displaying, arranging, and operating multiple sources on one monitor with the Personal Workplace-Controller

From multi-monitor workplace to adaptable solution

Especially in critical environments, it is extremely important to keep an overview of all processes. But instead of having to use a separate monitor for each process, the Personal Workplace-Controller now allows multiple video signals to be displayed on just one large monitor or multiple displays. This gives users the option of individually configuring their workspace with different computer sources. Modified arrangements of operating processes also significantly improve workplace ergonomics.

In addition to getting a clearly arranged overview of all processes on just one monitor, users can simultaneously and flexibly access all the data they need. Displaying multiple computer sources in real time on one large monitor, and thus providing latency-free operation of multiple computers from a single console facilitates work processes immensely. In addition, the high image quality and unlimited flexibility in arranging sources provide great added value. This allows active work areas and monitoring areas to be ergonomically set up on larger screens.

Designed for the most diverse applications

Depending on the application, the multi viewing tool can display and operate up to 26 video sources on a single monitor. Thus, users benefit from an almost unlimited flexible layout with high image quality up to 4K60. G&D offers three variants of the Personal Workplace-Controller to be used in different fields of application: Basic KVM, Pro KVM, and Pro Video. The “Basic KVM” variant lets you operate up to seven sources. In an application, where four users need to operate up to 14 sources, the “Pro KVM” variant is the best fit.

The “Pro Video” device can be used to manage a video wall and to display up to 26 physical video inputs on one or multiple monitors. Here, too, it is possible to flexibly arrange and scale different types of content.

Virtual sources via streaming protocol

In addition to displaying physical sources, the Personal Workplace-Controller can also be utilized for showing virtual content in hybrid structures. Images, texts, or video are output via streaming protocols. Apart from physical outputs, there is also the option of streaming the content. Now content from video walls or personal workspaces can be accessed on different output devices, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

The Personal Workplace-Controller can be seamlessly implemented into existing G&D systems. Both the interfaces to G&D matrix systems and the operation via Select menu or Cross Display-Switching are compatible. With this powerful expansion to the portfolio, G&D caters to the growing complexity of control room applications by providing an adaptable solution for designing individual and ergonomic workplaces. More information on the new product series is available on


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