Orban Announces XPN-Enterprise for Centralized Processing

Orban Announces XPN-Enterprise for Centralized Processing

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Orban Announces XPN-Enterprise for Centralized Processing

Fri 22, 10 2021

October 11, 2021 Orban Announces XPN-Enterprise for Centralized Processing Orban, the world leader in broadcast audio processing, has announced its new OPTIMOD XPN[1]Enterprise ecosystem, that is an easy-to-use, customizable Linux-based processing platform for multiple broadcast stations or streaming services, with centralized control. It provides Orban’s proprietary OptiCloud™ processing for up to 8 FM and 8 HD/DAB+/Streaming processing channels in a 1 RU package and supports AES-67/SMPTE-2110 protocols using an enterprise-class SoftGear™ server and the appropriate OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise Nodes. The XPN-Enterprise server is shipping now. Also shipping now is the XPN-Enterprise AES3 Input/Output Node; additional nodes to extend the available outputs and functionalities, e.g., DMPX, Kantar and Nielsen watermarking and Orban uMPX will be released in the near future. The XPN-Enterprise system has been extensively field-tested and approved by national broadcasters.

“Broadcasters worldwide are realizing the benefits of moving operations to centralized – and ideally, virtualized – environments. Many of these customers have high-density needs, with many signals that need to be managed,” said David Day, Orban President. “With XPN-Enterprise, those needs are easily met.” Content to be OptiCloud processed is brought to one location, utilizing any of the most common methods of audio transport – AES3, AES-67, SMPTE-2110-30, Dante or Livewire+, and creates the necessary outputs (FM Composite, DMPX, uMPX, and DAB+HD) using the appropriate Orban XPN[1]Enterprise Nodes for distribution to each transmitter site. Processed channels destined for streaming are also handled by the XPN-Enterprise server, which sends those outputs to the appropriate streaming devices.

Each signal coming into the OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise server can be individually processed, with Orban’s OptiCloud providing precision tailoring of each station’s broadcast or stream to meet the requirements of the audience and delivery method. OptiCloud factory presets give users a quick start for each format; Orban’s exclusive “Less-More” controls simplify “dialing in” the desired sound by combining multiple OptiCloud processing parameters with a handful of controls.

Further simplifying the processing path, Orban offers a full line of “Last Mile” solutions including XPN[1]Enterprise input and output nodes and low bandwidth solutions for virtually any requirement. “This ‘Last Mile’ service is especially important for stations whose transmitter sites may be in locations with less-than-ideal internet access,” said Day. “We make it possible to manage our processing remotely and feed that signal to a site on lines as slow as 500 kbps, with high quality results. And many nodes are ‘Power over Ethernet’ (PoE) capable, further simplifying installation. Simply put, XPN-Enterprise makes operations easier for broadcast groups who run multiple stations, multiple station clusters, and/or streaming services.”

For more information, visit https://www.orban.com.

About Orban: For over 50 years, Orban has set the benchmark for professional broadcast audio processing worldwide and continues to provide cutting-edge audio solutions for Radio, TV and Internet broadcasters. Applications include radio and streaming audio processing, loudness measurement and control, multichannel TV surround audio rendering for industry leaders including ABC, Abu Dhabi Media, BBC, CBS, Disney, DMI, ESPN, FOX, iHeart, Mediaworks, Mediaset, NBC, NHK, NOB, Polski Radio, Radio France, RAI, RTL, SKY and many more. Orban Labs’ offices are in Pennsauken, NJ, San Francisco, CA and Ludwigsburg, Germany. For more information on Orban, please visit our website www.orban.com.



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