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PlayBox integrates powerful ad server into OTT Stream

Tue 31, 01 2023

PlayBox Technology, the leading channel in a box provider for media companies worldwide, has enhanced its OTT Stream Content Management System product with a fully integrated, highly automated ad server. Whether the streaming service is an alternative delivery platform for a broadcaster or a new service from a content owner, it means that advertising revenues can be maximised through precise ad placement.

OTT Stream is a cloud solution providing comprehensive playout facilities for multiple channels and services. It is available as a perpetual licence, but most operators use it as a software-as-a-service, taking advantage of the cloud’s inherent ability to scale and flex, allowing them to grow functionality and offerings as subscriber demand grows.

The integration of comprehensive ad fulfilment capabilities means that the complete service can be managed as a single entity, while maintaining the highest quality standards of seamless ad insertion and delivery, within a fully automated playout environment.

“The addition of the ad server to our OTT Stream Content Management System product is a major enhancement that will help media companies to more effectively monetize their streaming content,” said Phillip Neighbour, COO at PlayBox Technology. “The ad server’s robust functionality provides an efficient way to insert and manage advertising content within live and on-demand streams. It also enables media companies to analyse and optimize ad placement to improve viewership and revenue.”

The ad server is fully integrated with the OTT Stream Content Management System and enables media companies to:

– Insert and manage advertising content within live and on-demand streams

– Analyse and optimize ad placement to improve viewership and revenue

– Serve targeted ads to viewers

– Manage ad inventory and track impressions and click-throughs

“Successful monetisation depends on the ability to create campaigns and deliver commercial breaks with the minimum of operator intervention, while ensuring a seamless flow of appropriate content,” continues Phillip Neighbour. “Broadcasters have long recognised the importance of putting the right commercials in the right breaks: new services – whether they are content streamers or sports and community groups – now have the ability to build revenues by adding commercials with the same values.

“Our OTT Stream service is a revolutionary way of designing and implementing streaming services, quickly and simply with the minimum of specialist knowledge,” he added. “By incorporating an ad server, users can now manage the entire process through a single, intuitive portal. This is a game-changer for streaming content.”

OTT Stream from PlayBox Technology is already in use with a number of leading players. The integrated ad server is available now and can be added to existing services as well as incorporated in new systems. Users can access free trial versions of OTT Stream to build proof of concepts via

About PlayBox Technology

PlayBox Technology is a media and entertainment technology company delivering over 20,000 master entertainment streams every day. Drawing on 20 years’ experience of innovation in channel in a box technology, it now offers a broad range of software solutions running on standard hardware or in the cloud.

Each media service will have its own unique requirements, so PlayBox provides workflow solutions in modular software, which includes tools for all aspects of planning and managing a group of broadcast or streaming channels. Capabilities include content servers, graphics tools and templates, planning and scheduling systems and advertising campaign planning and serving, as well as the mission-critical playout automation. Designed for minimal operator interaction with non-specialist staff, the intuitive user interfaces are implemented in HTML5. Interfaces are tailored for each user, and are accessible on any device.

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