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Prime Focus Technologies’ AI platform, CLEAR™ Vision Cloud now combines Technology and Consulting to make AI work for you

Fri 22, 05 2020

Los Angeles, CA – May 20, 2020 : Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) the technology arm of Prime Focus, announced new features in its AI platform that help solve real world business problems of TV Networks, Studios and Direct to Consumer businesses. A native media recognition AI platform, CLEAR Vision Cloud works because of its perfect combination of both technology and consulting to solve real use cases for clients.

  • Technology platform that combines best-of-breed third party AI (Microsoft, AWS, IBM Watson and Google engines) and PFT developed Vision Cloud AI models to provide both high quality data & actionable data
  • Consulting to enable suitable learning to AI models for unique enterprise content, alter the Vision Cloud models to adjust specifics & sharpen the tools to make decisions that meet specific business needs of the client

“While there are many reasons for the industry not holistically embracing AI, ranging from “demos are great, but do not work for my content” and “data is not accurate enough to use efficiently”, to name a few, at PFT, it is our mission to make AI work for our customers. We combine our Technology platform and Consulting to provide AI Data and AI Action Toolkits to deliver outcomes for real business problems,” said Ramki Sankaranarayanan, Founder and Global CEO, Prime Focus Technologies.

With a decade of experience in managing content supply chain processes in M&E industry and deployment of AI for our own Media Services delivery, we have learnt a lot. We continue to leverage this expertise in building additional use cases to make AI work for our customers. While the expectation from AI in M&E now is to solve for accuracy alone, we have gone a step further and also tried to solve for actionability.

CLEAR Vision Cloud’s updated data pack offers its customers AI Metadata at three levels — a. Basic Metadata b. Advanced Metadata c. Premium Metadata, allowing clients the option of modularly deploying the requisite intelligence for the use case in hand. In addition, the data pack choices include Video Comparison, Transcripts and Compliance data. The high quality, usable AI data is brought alive by PFT’s patented, Machine Wisdom layer that imparts cognitive benefits — it helps synthesize data and provides data in a context. Think of Vison Cloud as an AI platform with a human brain!

CLEAR Vision Cloud also provides powerful Action Toolkits leveraging accurate and best quality data that offer actionable use cases:

  • Discovery: Aids in AI search for AI Data in Natural Language. Offers the ability to find the right content in the library, even if the user does not know the exact keywords to look for to bring up clips that are most relevant to the search.
  • Segmentation: Helps review and QC automatically identified segments, filter out content segments and export EDLs, and generate a video of the custom segment by stripping out the rest of the physical segments. When a segment or its signature is not identified automatically by CLEAR Vision Cloud, the Segmentation toolkit enables automatic learning of segment signatures based on QC input.
  • Content Moderator: Identifies issues across multiple compliance categories, provides an automatic dashboard of compliance extracts and assists in editing including automatic bleeps and mutes.
  • Comparator: Visually compares and validates matched, unmatched and/or moved video segments of content across multiple videos supporting use cases including conform (in re-versioning & re-mastering), subtitle re-timing and using color-space comparison in generating DI Validation reports.
  • Language Tools: Language Tools allow you to view transcript in sync with the Video, view edited portions highlighted visually in the tool and export the transcript in multiple formats to enable time sync and finalization of subtitles.

Solving real world M&E business problems. Making AI work for you!

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CEO’s Statement on COVID-19:


Think Automation. Think CLEAR

About Prime Focus Technologies

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) is the creator of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, CLEAR™ for the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry. It offers broadcasters, studios, brands and service providers transformational solutions that help them lower their Total Cost of Operations (TCOP) by automating business processes around content and managing their business of content better.

PFT works with major M&E companies like Turner, PBS, Walt Disney-owned Star TV, Hearst, Channel 4, CBS Television Studios, 20th Century Fox Television Studios, Lionsgate, Starz Media (a Lionsgate company), Showtime, HBO, IFC Films, Miramax, CNBC Africa, TERN International, Sony Music, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon, Viacom’s Voot, BCCI and Indian Premier League.

PFT is the technology subsidiary of Prime Focus, the global leader in M&E industry services. For more information visit

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