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Prime Focus Technologies makes a CLEARTM difference during the COVID-19 times

Thu 09, 04 2020

April 8, 2020

Los Angeles, CA – April 8, 2020 : Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) the technology arm of Prime Focus, today announced new features and advanced security enhancements of CLEAR™ to help customers embrace the virtual work environment during the current global
COVID-19 lockdown.

“Empowering our customers to work from home, we have bolstered CLEAR with powerful security & ease-of-use features conducive to a remote, work from home environment,” said Ramki Sankaranarayanan, Founder and Global CEO, Prime Focus Technologies. “As we battle COVID-19, we understand the concerns around business continuity. While this is an unprecedented challenge on all fronts, as your technology partner, our entire software team is working from home and continuing to support the usage of the CLEAR platform, globally.”

The brand-new features and functionalities include:

Enhanced Security

  • New-generation HTML 5 player enabled with Hollywood-grade DRM encryption
  • Support for Just-In-Time (JIT) visual watermarking embedded within the stream for streaming through CLEAR as a secure alternative to generating watermarking on the client side


  • New Apple TV App – Our incredible new Apple TV app, custom-built for viewing content on TVs in a simple interface is innovatively designed for instant and secure access. Additionally, we’ve introduced Screener support to our Apple TV app to offer a seamless viewing experience to Executive Producers, Film Critics etc., in any remote location which makes it easy during the
    COVID-19 times
    • New Folder admin – Extended folder administration to allow users to organize and manage their projects, eliminating any delays due to prior admin-driven process
    • Faster Download – Direct & faster download from S3 and Azure storage enabled, so vendors can quickly download files and perform assigned tasks
    • New UI experience – Launched a new light themed UI giving you an option to customize your UI experience and make work from home fun!
    • On-boarding partners – Clients can manage the Production Houses and Studios who provide content with ease now. They can now define the package structure, associate Shows and associate Users, with expiry dates, all from one UI
    • Powerful Admin Module enhancement with condensed permissions to easily handle custom user roles

    Content Acquisition
    Activated a host of new functionalities to simplify content acquisition processes and reduce dependencies as much as possible:

    • Enhanced support for acquisition of content packages instead of individual files
    • Support extended to DPP-standardized content
    • Bulk QC – Review single asset and correct multiple copies, eliminating repetition
    • Vidchecker support for auto QC – Introducing a more robust acquisition process with new layers of checks including antivirus checks and auto-QC through Vidchecker

    Content Servicing
    Introduced automation in content localization, to make it easier to perform and review tasks on CLEAR:

    • Subtitle tool inside CLEAR with the ability to create & review streaming-proxy-based subtitles to support work from home and freelance operations all around the world without having to download
    • CLEAR provides users with subtitle import capabilities to perform QC of vendor deliverables along with subtitle re time-coding, which allows customers to import transcript file and time-code quickly

    Content Distribution
    PFT has quickly enabled on-demand cloud distribution on CLEAR leveraging the most commonly used cloud technologies:

    • Cloud transcode technologies support – Support for AWS Media Convert and Vantage
    • Standardised S3 delivery – Extended deliveries to S3, apart from Aspera, FTP/SFTP and Signiant
    • Extended flexibility in distribution, by allowing users to quickly generate new distribution profiles from an existing profile just by overriding certain profile attributes

    Think Automation. Think CLEAR.

    About Prime Focus Technologies

    Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) is the creator of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, CLEAR™ for the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry. It offers broadcasters, studios, brands and service providers transformational solutions that help them lower their Total Cost of Operations (TCOP) by automating business processes around content and managing their business of content better.

    PFT works with major M&E companies like Turner, PBS, Walt Disney-owned Star TV, Hearst, Channel 4, CBS Television Studios, 20th Century Fox Television Studios, Lionsgate, Starz Media (a Lionsgate company), Showtime, HBO, IFC Films, Miramax, CNBC Africa, TERN International, Sony Music, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon, HOOQ, Viacom’s Voot, BCCI and Indian Premier League.

    PFT is the technology subsidiary of Prime Focus, the global leader in M&E industry services. For more information visit

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