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RBS Chooses Pebble Beach Systems for Automation Across all Stations

Tue 08, 10 2019

Carlos Fini, Director of Technology, RBS
Features full redundancy, SCTE triggering, and monitoring and control

Weybridge, UK, October 7th, 2019Pebble Beach Systems Ltd, a leading automation, content management and integrated channel specialist, today announced that Brazil-based Grupo RBS has chosen Pebble Beach Systems to provide playout automation and control all of its stations.

As part of the second largest commercial network in the world, RBS TV is a TV Globo affiliate group which broadcasts news, entertainment and sports throughout Brazil via their local stations, transmitting up to 12 TV broadcast playlists. They approached Pebble via local partner Videodata to architect a solution which would increase the overall efficiency of their playout operations and guarantee a consistent look and feel for all stations. Whilst local programming remains important, the goal was for each of these stations to be run unmanned if required.

Pebble Beach Systems provided an automation system that can adapt to different operating models. The solution was designed in close collaboration between RBS, Videodata and Pebble Beach Systems Ltd, and will be installed by Videodata, the system’s Integrator. It includes Pebble’s Dolphin software-defined integrated channel devices, Marina playout automation, and control via the Lighthouse web-based monitoring and control solution. The fully redundant automation includes SCTE triggering to streamline content insertion for each region.

“This advanced technology from Pebble Beach Systems allowed us to create a hub-spoke playout system that provides simple control over many domains,” said Rosalvo Carvalho, Director, at Videodata. “This gives RBS a new flexibility and the ability for remote operation never possible before.”

RBS stations can now pull media from a centrally managed location, and operators can schedule playout – and even make changes on-the-fly – from hundreds of miles away.

“This advanced automation and playout solution gives us the ability to do much more with fewer resources,” said Carlos Fini, Director of Technology at RBS. “We’re delighted to be partnering with Pebble and Videodata, both of whom have the credibility and proven knowhow to get the job done.”

About Pebble Beach Systems

Pebble Beach Systems is a world leader in automation, channel in a box, integrated and virtualised playout technology, with scalable products designed for highly efficient multichannel transmission as well as complex news and sports television. Installed in more than 70 countries and with proven systems ranging from single up to over 150 channels in operation, Pebble Beach Systems offers open, flexible systems, which encompass ingest and playout automation, and complex file-based workflows. The company trades in the US as Pebble Broadcast Systems.


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