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Remote production drives growth at Intinor

Wed 16, 12 2020

Intinor is a leading developer of products and solutions for high quality video over the internet, with customers ranging from small production companies to major television stations. Established in 2003, this has been the best year yet for Intinor.

“The pandemic has, of course, been a global disaster,” said Roland Axelsson, CEO at Intinor. “But it has driven a shift towards remote production and simple connectivity over the internet. The speed with which broadcasters and production companies have had to implement these systems means that they need proven, simple to use and off-the-shelf solutions. Intinor has been delivering broadcast quality over the public internet for longer than anyone else.”

The growth in business and the continuing demand for specialist solutions means that Intinor is in the happy position of seeking additional staff, including an account manager with a technical background, as well as systems developers.

“No-one wants to boast about success at this very difficult time,” Roland added. “But we have seen major new projects in Europe and North America, and we have made significant technical advances, including complex demonstrations of 5G capabilities. We need to expand to maintain our momentum, technically and commercially.”

The new roles will be primarily based at the company’s headquarters in Umeå in Sweden, but naturally for a business that specialises in internet connectivity and cloud services, there is considerable scope for remote working.

About Intinor

Intinor develops its own products and comprehensive solutions for high quality video over IP networks. With solutions for contribution, as well as for distribution and web TV, Intinor has customers ranging from small production to major television channels. Intinor also work as consultants with product development and has extensive experience in developing custom-designed systems to meet specific needs. For more information, visit

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