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Rete Oro Updates to Etere ETX

Thu 09, 07 2020

Rete Oro has been a long-time user of Etere solutions. In its latest upgrade, the station upgrades from Grassvalley K2 to Etere ETX Channel-in-a-Box. The new system uses virtual machines to improve redundancy and to enhance cost-efficiency.

Italian broadcaster, Rete Oro renews its collaboration with Etere once again. In its latest upgrade, the station moves from Grassvalley K2 to Etere ETX Channel-in-a-Box to manage the streaming of its internet channels. The flexibility and scalability of Etere system provides Rete Oro with easy deployments, cost-efficiency and united workflows. The new system uses virtual machines to enhance redundancy and increase its cost-efficiency. With virtual machines, Rete Oro can have a virtualised environment for unlimited streams. The distributive virtualised architecture of Etere ETX provides a fast and reliable playout solution. It provides Rete Oro the flexibility to launch multiple internet channels quickly, without the high costs and constraints of hardware limitations.

Rete Oro has been using Etere since 2008 when it chose Etere to manage its commercial planning, scheduling and automatic playout for two TV channels. The implementation has helped the broadcaster to increase operational efficiencies. Etere Ecosystem of software solutions integrates seamlessly with one another and work in tandem to support an accurate flow of information and better flexibility.

About Etere ETX Channel-in-a-Box

Etere ETX is an integrative and futuristic software solution that integrates features such as cloud playout, ingest, automation, master control and interactive graphics into a single platform. It provides users the flexibility to receive and playout live videos on either SDI, NDI or IP streams. Etere supports Newtek NDI and SMPTE 2022. Even as the landscape of video over IP continues to evolve, Etere ETX’s open IP infrastructure prepares users for the future.

Etere ETX is easy to deploy, operate and upgrade. With its flexibility, small footprint and advanced graphics engine, you can be assured of consistent precision even for the most demanding of environments. Etere ETX is the perfect blend of the quality and functionality of a full broadcast station combined with cost-efficiency, fast deployments, reliability and easy usability.

Etere ETX is more than just a video server. It combines the best of features to provide everything you need to bring your channels on-air. These include the capability to insert closed captions and subtitling such as CEA608 and CEA708. These can be streamed directly to DVB or ARIB. Live subtitling can also be managed from the same platform with ETX inserter and time delay features.

Etere ETX integrates with a responsive touch-screen master control panel that allows you to manage multiple channels simultaneously. In addition, the integrated control panel for transition effects allows you to enhance your content with the use of advanced effects including cut, cross-fade, pixelate and stretch.

Additionally, Etere ETX’s integrated graphics engine enables the insertion of a complete range of static graphics and animated graphics including logos, crawls and rolls on up to 8 layers. Graphics can be imported in any of the commonly used formats including JPEG, PNG, MOV, SWF, TGA, AVI and GIF. Once the graphics are imported, a low-res copy is automatically generated for preview.

Etere ETX also enables different levels of fault-tolerance including backup mode, master-clone mode and disaster recovery mode. ETX’s automation database-independent capabilities ensure a fault-resilient performance.

Technology evolves and Etere adapts. Etere prepares users for the future with a dedicated global 24/7 support team, free upgrades and updates. Etere Ecosystem empowers you with the best connectivity across your workflows. Get in touch with the team at learn more about what Etere can do for your business.

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