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RTVE awards its cloud content management project to VSN

Thu 26, 11 2020

VSNExplorer MAM has once again been the system of choice for RTVE’s HUB Innovation project, a pilot program aimed at studying the process of news generation with cloud tools in the Territorial Centers of Castilla La Mancha, the Valencian Community and Extremadura.

VSNExplorer MAM is in charge of managing the media in the cloud

This pioneering initiative consists, in essence, of capturing content through state-of-the-art digital devices (lightweight and cellphone cameras) that are permanently connected. These capture flows naturally generate large amounts of footage in the cloud, and that is where VSNExplorer MAM comes in, to manage the generated media and explore the possibilities that these digital flows offer, such as metadata extraction or automatic subtitling.

The VSNExplorer Media Asset Management system has successfully met all the requirements requested by RTVE, which included, for example, the reception of files via pc or ftp, their storage, customized management and distribution in the cloud, web access to the system, the configuration of different user profiles that could work simultaneously and collaboratively and the sending of content to news production systems or for direct publication in social networks.

The Artificial Intelligence system is responsible for key metadata generation

It is also worth mentioning the most interesting functionalities for the project that the public corporation will be able to enjoy thanks to the Artificial Intelligence components incorporated in VSNExplorer, which will allow the system users to access audio services such as speech-to-text transcription, as well as entity recognition and classification and time code generation (timestamps). Regarding metadata derived from video, the AI engine will also enable the recognition and extraction of information about people, places, image description and optical character recognition.

In addition, VSNExplorer’s web video editor, Wedit, also enables functionalities required by RTVE, such as media editing by cutting or voice-over. From a technical point of view, the corporation will benefit from more user licenses and storage than required, in addition to operator training and VSN’s 24×7 support service.

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