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Shotoku’s Robotic Pedestal Drives a Perfect Curve, and Rail-based Camera System Offers Floor or Ceiling Perspective for Live Productions at NAB 2019

Fri 29, 03 2019

Latest generation robotic systems featured alongside new live video control option and manual tripods

Las Vegas, NV – April 8, 2019 – Shotoku USA, Shotoku Broadcast Systems’ North American operation, is back at NAB with a line-up comprised of intelligently engineered camera support systems that incorporate the reliability, flexibility and durability broadcasters require in live productions. The Company is demonstrating the unique functionality of SmartPed, an XY pedestal already found in some of the world’s most prominent broadcasting organizations; is introducing SmartRail to the US, the latest generation of rail-based camera systems; and debuting LiveView, a feature that brings a live video control option to its TR-XT Control systems. On the manual side Shotoku is showing the new SX series of ENG/EFP manual tripods, and the SD and SE ranges of affordable tripods for handheld cameras.

“As always, our focus is on giving broadcasters exactly what they need to achieve flawless live productions,” says James Eddershaw, managing director of Shotoku UK. “We’ve brought our extremely popular SmartPed which is being demonstrated in a VR environment, we are also showing SmartRail, the next generation in rail-based camera systems. We’re also happy to introduce new features to our control systems, and two new series of manual tripods.”

SmartPed Robotic Pedestal

Shotoku’s SmartPed takes the road less traveled! The fully robotic, three-wheel smooth-steer XY pedestal has total control over every axis at all times, enabling the pedestal to make complex, synchronized curved moves, not simply straight-line A-to-B, which opens up a wide range of possibilities. SmartPed features a new height column without any need of pneumatic balancing, multi-zone collision avoidance and detection systems, and precision-engineered, electro-mechanical steer/drive system for unparalleled levels of performance and reliability. The pedestal offers instant switchover between local/remote operation, which makes it versatile and easily operated in any application. At NAB SmartPedVR is being demonstrated within an Augmented Reality environment, fully integrated with real-time graphics systems.

SmartRail Next Generation Rail-Based Camera System

Ceiling track systems offer a flexibility not achievable with any floor-based cameras and the ability to descend the camera down to eye-level positions with on-air broadcast quality. Shotoku has been supplying and installing ceiling mounted track systems for many years and has earned a proven track record of successful deployments around the world. SmartRail, the Company’s latest generation of rail-based camera systems for floor or ceiling operation, combines the precision and flexibility of Shotoku control systems with a rail-based dolly and elevator column system to provide a unique perspective on any live, multi-camera studio production. The system offers a wide range of cost-effective height column configurations and is a powerful option for any broadcaster looking for rail camera performance, without the restrictions of floor use.

LiveView – Highly intuitive live video GUI for TR-XT Systems

Shotoku’s new LiveView brings the universally popular and trusted TR-XT control system – which functions flawlessly in the demanding environments of some of the world’s most watched broadcast organizations – to new levels of capability and flexibility whilst maintaining ease-of-use and reliability. LiveView is a highly intuitive live video control option ideally suited for a wide range of applications including VR/AR.

A simple miniature HD camera mounted on the robotic-controlled-full broadcast camera provides the operator with significantly more information than from the broadcast camera itself making it possible to see and acquire shots outside the normal field of view. Fingertip control directs the camera to a new position, on-air and in perfect synchronization. Selecting any of the LiveView-enabled cameras presents the operator with the option of immediate joystick control of the camera as usual or LiveView control via the on-screen live video.

SX200 and SX260 ENG Tripod Systems

Featuring a brand-new ground up design comes the SX200 and SX260 ENG/EFP camera support systems. Shotoku’s “Truebalance” delivers perfect counterbalance that is also easy to adjust throughout the range and has an intuitive display to indicate the current setting. The drag system uses Shotoku’s well known Viscam design but adds a new actuation system that combines the convenience and speed of selection of a stepped system, with the fine tuning and on-shot adjustment of a continuously variable design. These 2 core features are poised to set the new standard for movement and control for high-end ENG support systems.

The SX200 has a max payload of 44Lbs (20Kg) and the SX260 55Lbs (25Kg). Partnered with a new 2-stage ENG carbon fiber tripod with fast action detented leg locks for quick setup and teardown, the system is also one of the lightest on the market at this payload and performance level.

SD & SE Manual Tripod Series

The SD range has been developed to provide a quality, affordable system for handheld cameras. Available in 2 variants, the SD20 will support 6.5lbs (3kg), and the SD40 11lbs (5kg), cameras. The systems feature fixed counterbalance and drag systems tailored to the payload of the head and come complete with a 2-stage tripod mid-level spreader and soft carry case.

The SE range evolved from a concept of providing a support with high functionality and wide-ranging applications forthe extended range of camera systems now available. The SE80 and SE150 both feature a high-quality drag system to ensure smooth on-air moves, and a multiple level counterbalance system to provide accurate balancing for a wide range of cameras. The SE80 supports up to 22lbs (10kg) payloads and the SE150 up to 35lbs (16kg). The systems come complete with aluminum or carbon fibre 2-stage tripods, ground or mid-level spreader, and soft carry case.

Shotoku USA’s Robotic Support Specialist, Matt Servis, will be on hand to demonstrate the full range of products and discuss any aspect of the system, from initial design and specification through installation, commissioning and US-based after sales service.

Shotoku’s range of pedestals, height drives, pan/tilt heads and control systems for live studio productions in traditional or VR/AR applications will be on display as well.

About Shotoku:

Shotoku Broadcast Systems is an international leader in the manufacture and marketing of a full range of camera support products with emphasis on manual and robotic pedestals and pan/tilt heads for the television and legislative broadcast industry.

Shotoku USA sells, installs and services the full range of Shotoku Robotic Camera Systems designed and developed in the UK by Shotoku’s word-wide robotics HQ based near London, England.

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