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Solidsport embraces the AI market with Mobile Viewpoint

Thu 10, 09 2020

AI and automated cameras will be the next big project for Solidsport

7 September 2020 – Stockholm, Sweden – Solidsports, a leading live streaming company specialising in sports productions, has announced a new strategic partnership with Mobile Viewpoint to accelerate the number of automated sport broadcasts in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Baltic region. With the sports market evolving to remote productions and OTT delivery, coupled with the demand for more local sports for live streamed sports , this new partnership is ideally placed to deliver on those needs. This is especially becoming more relevant as Covid-19 prevents spectators and crew being allowed to site, and offers teams and leagues a new approach to fan engagement.

Solidsport is the largest streaming platform for live sports in Scandinavia and is already streaming over 50,000 games a year. Mobile Viewpoint is a company who specialize in developing broadcast and AI technologies, and the IQ-Sport Production platform is being adopted at each location to live stream games complete with graphics and highlights without the need of an onsite camera crew.

Mobile Viewpoint and Solidsport have signed an agreement of a co-operation to digitize sports on all levels. Through this partnership Solidsport will be the exclusive partner to Mobile Viewpoint to install and serve the company’s AI cameras in the Nordic region.

“This is the future for any modern arena”

“It started already in February this year with the first installation of IQ-Sports Producer in IFU Arena in Uppsala” says Tobias Thalbäck, CEO at Solidsport. ” We had been looking into this space for quite some time now but could not find a solution that was good enough. But after our initial testing, everything was put on hold due to the ongoing pandemic. But after some comprehensive usage this summer we now know that we have the absolute right partner in Mobile Viewpoint for this project. With this partnership, we are anticipating fast adoption across all of our markets. We are convinced that this is the future for any modern arena today. Thanks to this partnership we are now able to offer a complete solution to clubs and arena owners at a compelling cost for a professional delivery”.

”Ground-breaking AI will automate sport broadcasting”

Michel Bais, Managing Director of Mobile Viewpoint commented “We are absolutely delighted to start the partnership with Solidsport. By utilizing our AI driven IQ-SP platform, Solidsport will be able to create and live stream professional sports productions without the need of a cameraperson or onsite director.”

Solidsport will make 10 installations before the end of the year and are already in discussions with arena owners and clubs who want to join Solidsport on this journey. As a next step, Solidsport aims to expand the partnership with more markets and over 100 installations during 2021.

About SolidSport

Solidsport is the easy-to-use streaming service that anyone can benefit from. A free account with Solidsport, an internet connection and a mobile camera are all that is needed to carry out your own live broadcast of an event. The income from the broadcast is distributed equally in a unique initiative to create new financial resources for association life in Sweden. To date, SEK 40 million has passed SolidSport’s platform and passed on to our partners. The storage space for saved image material is endless in an idea that can be used for educational purposes by associations and teams. Solidsport are for all sports – large and small – and the vision is to contribute to a society where more people move and more people feel good.

About Mobile Viewpoint

With global customers including major broadcasters and TV production companies, Mobile Viewpoint has been global innovators in mobile live streaming solutions for Outside Broadcast, remote productions and security solutions. With over 10 years of broadcast experience, they continue to innovate for mobile encoders for live streaming over 4G and 5G, and continue as a world leader in developing AI solutions for automated news and sports productions. Based in the Netherlands, customers includes BBC, Sky News, Al-Arabiya and the Premier League as well as range of law enforcement and emergency first responders.

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