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TAG Video Systems Provides Complete Picture of OTT with 3-Part Webinar Series

Mon 08, 03 2021

TAG IP Academy 2021 travels the road to OTT

Tel Aviv – March 5, 2021 – TAG Video Systems  has added a 3-part series to its IP Academy 2021 webinar line-up. The world leader in 100% SW, 100% IP, 100% COTS/Cloud, Probing, Monitoring and Multiviewing solutions, for all four of the major broadcast applications (Live Production, Playout, Transport & Delivery, and OTT) is tackling OTT, from an overview to the technical details to setting it in motion. The series debuted on March 3rd and is available as a recording online; two more sessions are scheduled for April 6th and May 5th. Click here for additional information and to register.

“OTT has exploded, and while it might seem obvious why it’s so popular right now, there’s quite a bit of history behind the scenes,” said Kevin Joyce, TAG’s Zer0 Friction Officer. “Our newest webinar series will give you a complete picture of OTT, including its technical evolution and the pieces needed to take television and movie production and “turn it into” OTT. You’ll also get a solid look at its business model and how to apply it.”

Following are descriptions of the series and session schedule. The live links will lead you to more information and registration.

The Road to OTT

Host – Paul Briscoe, Chief Architect

This series, hosted by TAG’s Chief Architect, Paul Briscoe, provides a complete picture of
OTT, including its technical evolution and the pieces needed to take television and
movie production and “turn it into” OTT. These sessions also offer a solid look at the OTT business model and exactly how to apply it.

March 3rd – 11AM

Shortcut: Understanding OTT

While we might wish we could just push a television stream into the internet and have it work flawlessly, it’s not so simple… Host Paul Briscoe will delve into what’s wrong with the internet from a media point of view and exactly what you need to know about OTT. TAG’s shortcut to understanding OTT is designed to help attendees right now!

April 6th– 11AM

OTT, Technically Speaking

What pieces do you need to take today’s television and movie production and “turn it into” OTT?
Host Paul Briscoe will do a deep dive into the architecture of OTT, including the various elements needed, and how everything connects.

May 5th– 11AM

OTT in Action

Join TAG on 5 May to discover a whole lot more about the OTT business model, the real difference
between VOD and live, and where we’re all headed. Host Paul Briscoe will cite practical real-life examples and market data that will help attendees to implement OTT immediately.

About TAG Video Systems

TAG Video Systems is the world leader in 100% software based integrated IP Multiviewing, Probing and Monitoring solutions.  Introducing its first IP solution in 2008, today TAG supports over 50,000 channels across the four primary broadcasting applications – Live Production, Playout/Master Control, Distribution and OTT. TAG’s Zer0 Friction philosophy allows Broadcasters and Content Distributors the greatest scalability, flexibility and asset utilization available in the market today. The 100% software platform supports both compressed and uncompressed formats, including MPEG TS, JPEG2000, SMPTE 2110, SMPTE 2022-6/7, MPEG-DASH and HLS. TAG’s solutions run on standard Commercial Off-The-Shelf hardware (COTS) and cloud, providing state-of-the-art IP monitoring and analysis tools combined with highest quality UHD Multiviewer available on standard and mobile device displays.

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