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Telered Technologies Selects Etere for an Enhanced Content Monetisation

Fri 24, 07 2020

Telered Technologies, a leading broadcast and media turnkey solutions provider in Philippines, selects Etere STMan and Etere SCTE-35 driver for a dynamic content monetisation and delivery.

Telered Technologies is a leading provider of media technologies and services in Philippines since 2000. The company has grown in strength, diversifying from being a satellite system integration company to a managed service provider of global media companies and providers. To enhance its content monetisation and delivery, Telered Technologies selects Etere solutions for its integrative framework and robust system.

Etere SCTE-35 Redefines Commercial Deliveries and Enhances Content Monetisation

Telered Technologies selects Etere STMan and SCTE-35 driver to enhance its content monetisation opportunities. Etere SCTE-35 driver manages Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) and Digital Program Insertion (DPI). It allows studio operators to insert multiple layers of graphics, logos and tickers without modifying the broadcast infrastructure. More importantly, it allows broadcasters to leverage advertising opportunities in different markets and across multiple platforms.

Advertisement insertion is one of the key drivers of revenue in the broadcast and media industry. However, how do you monetise content effectively in the evolving media landscape? Etere SCTE35 driver allows you to rethink content monetisation and leverage advertising opportunities in different markets. It delivers SCTE-35 signals to drive multiple advertisement deliveries with a single program. Etere SCTE-35 driver enables the insertion of timed metadata to signal an ad insertion opportunity in the transport streams. Pre-produced advertisements are embedded in the transport stream. Subsequently, the video content and the advertisements are stitched seamlessly into a single stream. This allows broadcasters to monetise content and create targeted advertisements that are tailored for local markets anywhere in the world.

Etere STMan Integrates Seamlessly for a Real-time Management of Secondary Objects Associated with Scheduled Events

Etere Ecosystem connects multiple departments and ensures an accurate information exchange across all departments in the company. SCTE-35 driver integrates with Etere STMan to enhance content deliveries including that of advertisements and commercials. Etere STMan is a software solution that allows operators to insert secondary elements into scheduled content deliveries. It is able to support even the most complex of content deliveries involving multiple layers of graphics including logos, crawls, subtitles, channel branding as well as device commands such as script, hex pass-through and channel switches. Operators can tap on the data from the Scheduling and Media Asset Management database to add an unlimited number of secondary events as required. The software gives broadcast operators a real-time management of all secondary objects associated with scheduled events. Etere provides the perfect integration and a seamless workflow orchestration for your system.

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