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Two CEDAR products have been nominated for Resolution Awards in 2020

Tue 03, 11 2020

The nominations for the Resolution Awards 2020 have been decided by a panel of industry experts and we’re delighted to learn that two CEDAR products have been nominated this year. We hope that you will vote for them. If you do… Thank you. We really appreciate it.

Processor category

In this category, the CEDAR DNS 8D dialogue noise suppressor has been nominated. The successor to the hugely successful DNS 8 Live, the DNS 8D adopts the latest machine learning algorithms for noise detection and an improved filter bank to remove even more noise than before. It also features Dante® as well as AES/EBU I/O to make it compatible with the widest range of studio and remote installations. When reviewing it in Resolution magazine, Simon Clark’s only complaint was “They won’t let me keep it!”.

Vote for the DNS 8D here.

DAW/Software Suite category

In this category, CEDAR Cambridge v13 audio restoration and speech enhancement system has been nominated. Building upon previous versions, CEDAR Cambridge v13 now incorporates the latest machine learning and AI capabilities of the Retouch 8™ spectral editor, the new INR Impulse Noise Reduction module, and more. In the Summer 2020 edition of Resolution, reviewer David Hadzis admitted that the system is now “so good and fast that I got carried away”.

Vote for CEDAR Cambridge v13 here.

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