Upgrade your Radio Newsroom with Etere

Upgrade your Radio Newsroom with Etere

Upgrade your Radio Newsroom with Etere

Fri 05, 07 2024

Etere Radio News is the only radio system that is fully MOS-compliant. With Etere, you can seamlessly integrate newsroom and playout functions using a single software solution. This enables radio stations to achieve the same professional workflow standards as television, enhancing efficiency and performance.

Etere Radio News’s MOS interface makes it easy to integrate with other broadcast devices, such as graphics, video servers, media asset management, teleprompters, and automation. Etere offers comprehensive HTML5 support, allowing journalists to remotely browse templates, edit text, replace images and media files, preview their graphics, and seamlessly insert them into stories—all directly from within the radio news production system software.

Etere Radio News is a cutting-edge platform that automatically aggregates and seamlessly integrates with news wire content. This ensures comprehensive and up-to-date news coverage. Etere Radio News is multilingual and is designed to receive news wires in various languages, making it an essential tool for global newsrooms.Equipped with robust editing tools, Etere Radio News allows for swift and efficient news story editing, both before and during recording sessions. This flexibility ensures that content is always current and accurate. The software’s integration with the media database enables direct linking of audio files to news stories, eliminating the need to transfer multiple files across FTP sites. With this seamless integration, Etere Radio News streamlines the entire news broadcasting workflow, making it an indispensable tool for the modern newsroom, for both TV and radio.

Fully MOS-CompliantEtere Radio News is fully MOS-compliant and features cutting-edge recording and production tools designed for journalists. It easily integrates with third-party editing software and MOS-compliant systems for automation, graphics, subtitling, character generators, archive and video servers. Etere caters to both studio-based and remote operators as well as news journalists.Etere is highly flexible and features a customizable user interface and screen layout tailored to meet the specific requirements of individual broadcast studios and operators. This allows newsrooms to manage fast-moving stories easily.

Etere Radio News Playout AutomationEtere offers an all-in-one software solution for radio news playout automation designed for ultimate flexibility and efficiency. It enables quick playlist modifications before playout, ensuring your broadcasts are always up-to-date. The software supports SDI, IP, and NDI inputs and outputs, providing versatile compatibility with various broadcasting standards.

Integration with MAMEtere maximizes the potential of your broadcast playlists with a suite of powerful features. These include instant playlist editing, seamless integration with the MAM database, and instant playback capabilities. Real-time reconciliation of event transmissions ensures accuracy and reliability in your broadcasts. The software also supports comprehensive music scheduling and the management of both radio and television programs from a single, unified platform.Additionally, Etere includes automatic camera switching, support for multiple platforms, and real-time management of broadcasting events. Centralized real-time monitoring allows for efficient oversight and control. With Etere, broadcasters have a robust, integrated solution for managing every aspect of radio news playout automation.Contact us for a media management strategy that works for your business.

About Etere

Since its beginnings in 1987, Etere has been preparing users for the future. Etere is a worldwide provider of broadcast and media software solutions backed by its mark of excellence in system design, flexibility, and reliability. The revolutionary concept of the Etere Ecosystem promotes real-time collaborations and enhances operational efficiency across the enterprise. Etere Ecosystem software solutions manage the end-to-end media workflow and feature an integrative Web and Windows customizable architecture to fit perfectly in any system.Etere delivers on its service excellence commitment with 24/7 worldwide support and inclusive software updates. Etere digital technologies and market-proven remote/on-site services, such as consultancy, training, installation, and demonstrations, are ready to run with your business no matter where you are. Etere enhances your adaptability for the future and empowers you with the most innovative software tools to drive your business to greater heights.To find a media management strategy that works for your business, visit www.etere.com

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