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ViaLite’s ODE-C Enclosure Upgraded with New Design

Wed 27, 10 2021

ViaLite’s ODE-C Enclosure Upgraded with New Design ViaLite Communications’ ODE-C outdoor enclosure, for RF over fiber equipment, has recently had a mid-life update. Including an improved design and a better connector gland plate configuration. The upgrade has been successful in several recent deployments within the satcom and broadcast market and has been well received by clients. The ODE-C enclosure is a large 12U outdoor enclosure capable of holding up to four ViaLite 3U 19” racks or a combination of ViaLite and customer supplied 19” rack compatible equipment. Its robust, IP55-rated design protects the electrical, RF and optical equipment from the elements when housed outdoors. The wall-mounted enclosure also has a swing-frame case which conveniently enables access to both the front and rear of the unit. One of the top three global satcom companies, which has over 70 satellites in orbit, purchased the enclosure. They said, “We chose ViaLite products over other suppliers’ due to the electrical performance advantages offered. Their equipment has tested very well.” ViaLite’s enclosures are suitable for a range of climates between -40 ºC to +60 ºC. The company has additionally recently introduced a fan assembly option containing 12 small fans that helps to reduce the temperature of the RF over fiber modules, within the rack chassis units, by 9 – 10 ºC. Whilst this is particularly useful in hot climates, the option is beneficial in any scenario as the fan assembly increases airflow within the enclosure, allowing for an increase in the density of links as well as helping to prolong the lifespan of the equipment. Contact ViaLite to find out which solution is right for you, email:


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