VoiceInteraction announces rebrand

VoiceInteraction announces rebrand

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VoiceInteraction announces rebrand

Mon 04, 04 2022

A new image along with a renewed commitment to Research & Development

February 2022 – VoiceInteraction is a product company pioneering in Speech Processing Technology for over a decade. As we approach our 15th year anniversary, we are undergoing a rebrand, by renewing our image and launching a new .ai website.

We believe, from our inception, that speech-to-text transformation will be the preferred method for access to information. In fact, recent worldwide developments showed us all the importance of making content more accessible, either in breaking news, meeting software or remote lectures. Life in a world constantly changing demands constant innovation. Faced with uncertainty, enterprises require reliable partners who continually learn and evolve.

“The complete control over our platforms and the underlying proprietary technology is essential to create flexible and reliable solutions to problems our clients face daily, states João Neto, VoiceInteraction CEO. “We are innovators, not integrators.”

The domain and graphic identity change aligns with our renewed commitment: artificial intelligence is, and always has been, a major component of VoiceInteraction’s Speech Processing technologies. The daily refinement of language models with Deep Neural Networks and the actionable knowledge provided by our Machine Learning algorithms are decisive advantages for our clients.

Through VoiceInteraction’s proprietary technology, our platforms bring to light the power behind speech processing technologies ­– thanks to our clients’ trust, we continue to strive for growth and constant innovation. Our new website not only represents a renewed commitment to R&D in Automatic Speech Recognition, but also a guarantee that our presence in global markets will expand, reaching new potential partners and clients with a reimagined appearance.

As our scope and technology evolves, so should our brand. VoiceInteraction welcomes clients and partners to share this journey with us:  visit www.voiceinteraction.ai to explore the new website.

About VoiceInteraction:

VoiceInteraction is a product company dedicated to speech processing technologies since 2008. Founded by a team of PhD researchers and experts in the field, VoiceInteraction has made significant developments and breakthroughs in the areas of speech recognition, natural language processing, translation, dialog systems, and speech synthesis.

Pioneers of AI solutions, VoiceInteraction bases its practices on Machine Learning algorithms and Deep Neural networks – the goal is to ‘Extract knowledge from speech’ – thus resulting in efficient platforms for Automatic Closed Captioning, Broadcast Monitoring & Compliance, Automated Transcription Workflows, Administrative Modernization, Speech-to-text Dictation and Speech Analytics.

Our presence in the global market evolved greatly over the years. With offices on 4 continents and over 500 customers, VoiceInteraction strives to offer solutions that are, today, a reference in the Broadcast Industry, Public and Private Enterprises, Educational and Cultural Entities, Healthcare Providers and Contact Centers.

For more information please visit: www.voiceinteraction.ai

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