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VSN expands its Latin American team with Roberto Calmón’s addition

Thu 16, 04 2020

Roberto Calmón joins the company as the new Solutions Architect and Pre-sales to boost VSN’s international expansion and to achieve new business opportunities, particularly in the Latin American sales area and the Brazilian market. Thanks to this new incorporation, the company expects to achieve a more direct and closer relationship and attention both with their customers and with their local dealers and partners.

Graduated as an Electronic Engineer from the Universidade Federal da Bahia in Brazil, Roberto Calmón has a wide and extensive experience in the Broadcast industry, where he started very early working for Rede Bahía. It was at this television and radio channel affiliated to Brazil’s leading communications group, Globo, where Calmón served as Technical Supervisor and Technical Manager for 23 years.

Later on, he joined VSN’s team as a Pre-Sales Engineer for the Brazilian market, a position he held for two years and to which he now returns after working as a Pre-Sales and Commercial Engineer for the company Video Systems in Brazil for the last 8 years.

Roberto Calmón joins the team led by Roberto Duif, Sales Director – Americas, to reinforce the brand’s presence in the commercial area where VSN started its international expansion more than 10 years ago. The main objective is to increase commercial opportunities and sales in this great market, as well as to continue improving customer service and business development with local dealers, a strategy the company has strongly committed to in the last few years, achieving very good commercial results.

“Honestly, I’m thrilled to be rejoining the VSN team. I have had the opportunity to work with the company for a few years now, both directly as an employee and indirectly representing the brand in the Brazilian market, and the truth is that I am fully aware of the potential and the expansion and growth possibilities that VSN has, not only in this market but also internationally”, assures Calmón.

“It is a fact that we are now living in uncertain times that seem to be changing the entire Broadcast and Media industry, with a very significant emphasis on remote production. However, this is precisely one of the reasons why I have decided to return to this company. I know the product and the team very well, I know what they are capable of and I know that some aspects, such as remote operation and production, are strategies that they have been working on and investing resources in for a long time. I think that now the time has come to show what VSN’s technology is capable of providing to customers”, he concluded.

For more information on the company’s latest news and publications, please visit VSN’s official website or register for their next online event, VSN Wired, to access a wide range of product demos that will be broadcasted live from April 20th to 24th. More information at

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