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VSN presents its new VoD platform, VSN Play

Fri 22, 05 2020

In response to the growing demand for specialized audiovisual content generated by VSN Wired, the first 100% digital event of the international company that took place last April, VSN presents a new online VoD tool to get closer to its customers, partners and all kinds of professionals in the industry.

From now on, VSN Play will be the destination for all the audiovisual content regularly generated by the company: from commercial and promotional videos of solutions and systems, to webinars, case studies, training and educational videos and, of course, product demos on demand and all the videos aired at the virtual events hosted by the company. The objective is to provide a new space to share and consume all the company’s videos, when, where and how users want, without any time limitations.

“Speaking in terms of audiovisual content consumption, I think we are experiencing a genuine revolution on every industry. People have completely changed their mentality when it comes to getting more information about our products and solutions – explains Patricia Corral, VSN’s Marketing Manager. “Now everything goes through video, many customers and partners asked us more and more access to informative videos that allow them to explore in detail a specific functionality of our solutions, for example. And that is where the idea of having a VoD platform with these features came to life, beyond our traditional webinars or the new online events we are launching”.

VSN Play is a multifunctional platform that allows users to explore specific contents directly from their search engine, or filtering by different categories (webinars, demos, interviews…), media solutions (news production, preservation and archive, automation and distribution) or specific products (VSNExplorer MAM, VSN Crea, VSN One TV) in both English and Spanish, besides having a main section where the latest contents are displayed. Everything through a simple, intuitive and visually clear design. In addition, the videos will progressively have more subtitling options in multiple languages, such as Russian, Portuguese or Mandarin Chinese.

“This platform is an initiative to which the whole team is totally committed, since in addition to providing us with a single virtual space with easy and quick access to gather our resources, it also opens the door to offer our prospects, customers, dealers and partners a more tailored, efficient and transparent service, even allowing the people interested in our technology to visit our entire video collection before arranging a detailed demo with our team to see if the solutions can meet their expectations” – details Corral.

The platform will be available starting next Wednesday, May 20th, and will have all kinds of video content that will be updated regularly. All users interested in applying for registration can do so from

For further information on VSN’s solutions, please visit or contact VSN’s professionals at

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