VSN to showcase its Remote Solutions at IBC 2021 to optimize media management and content monetization

VSN to showcase its Remote Solutions at IBC 2021 to optimize media management and content monetization

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VSN to showcase its Remote Solutions at IBC 2021 to optimize media management and content monetization

Thu 18, 11 2021

Barcelona, November 18th, 2021 – VSN, a leading provider in media solutions for the broadcast industry, announces that it will be showcasing its range of remote and collaborative working solutions designed to facilitate the full management of media catalogues – from storage to planning to playout – at IBC this year (Booth 7.B19). This will include demonstration of several enhancements to the core range of VSN products, including VSNExplorer MAM, VSNExplorer Exchange, and VSNCrea.

Along with the development of these specific technological enhancements, VSN will also be demonstrating the solution-wide application of cloud collaboration tools – capable of being integrated across all major remote storage providers, as well as the addition of SaaS pricing model. Both elements demonstrate VSN’s commitment to democratizing industry access to top-level media management tools; providing an accessible, flexible, and scalable product that meets the needs of niche providers and mainstream broadcasters alike. Most crucially, these additions highlight the remote working potential granted by the VSN media management range.

In relation to the specific technological enhancements that will be on display at IBC, the first of these enhancements occurs in the field of media preservation, cataloguing and metadata assignment. VSN has been integrating AI functionality into its range to ease and automate complex, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks. This capacity has now been expanded and refined within VSNExplorer – VSN’s MAM solution – with the addition of ‘DataBinder’; a tool which aggregates the results provided by AI engines in a single location, allowing users to undertake cross-check and adjust and correct metadata as required, thus enhancing the efficiency and quality of cataloguing and metadata assignment.

Other improvements within the core VSNExplorer product include the VSNExplorer Exchange content hub, which has undergone renovation in order to allow users even fuller control over the way that they access and manage assets and subscriptions through the creation of ‘Exchange Points’ directly within the UI, whilst in the field of Media Production, Adobe Premiere has been integrated directly into the VSNExplorer PAM (Production Asset Management) interface, smoothing the workflow for production professionals working on tight deadlines in remote locations.

The second major addition to the core VSN range occurs within VSNCrea – VSN’s Broadcast Management System, which has been designed with remote HTML5 access and full VSNExplorer integration at its heart. Here, Ad pricing solutions have been expanded to allow for the assignment of price blocks at different times of day, the selection of Ad rate types (Fixed, Cost Per Mille, Cost Per Rating), and the direct exchange of this information with the commercial contracts on which they are based. Through the integration of these automation and accuracy-enhancement tools, VSN yet further extends the monetization options available to users, maintaining a focus on delivering solutions that leverage the maximum possible value from an organization’s content and advertising.

Speaking of their upcoming IBC attendance, Ricardo Quintanilla – Head of Marketing at VSN, said: “We may have been away from tradeshows for some time now, but we haven’t been resting on our laurels. After our recent acquisition by Valsoft Corporation, we’ve had greater opportunity than ever to focus on delivering additions which allow our users to leverage greater value from their assets, using a suite of tools that is joined-up, seamless and remotely-accessible.”


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