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XS is a success with Appear!

Tue 30, 06 2020

New zero delay codec available on the X Platform

Oslo, Norway, Appear TV, a leading provider of next-generation high-quality video processing platforms for broadcast and streaming, adds JPEG XS compression to its market leading X Platform. Operators of the Appear X Platform can now take advantage of high-resolution and real-time capabilities with the lowest possible latency. This update emphasizes Appear TV’s commitment to continually improving its technology to best support current expectations and exceed all future requirements.

Appear’s X Platform is codec agnostic and serves as a key building block of an ultra-flexible and ultra-low latency broadcast network. Its design allows the customers to flexibly execute a panoply of applications including, but not limited to: contribution, remote production, video networking, and distribution.

The X Platform addresses the latest challenges facing both encapsulated and compressed video applications without compromising visual quality, rack space and ease of use with the greenest technology possible. With a backplane latency of less than 1ms, it ensures universal applicability for any video format and supports the implementation of both current and future IP video standards, such SMPTE 2022-6 and SMPTE 2110.

“We’re excited to introduce this latest compression standards upgrade for the X Platform,” says Carl Walter Holst, CEO, Appear TV. “Our X Platform is ideally suited for video delivery for any modern media outlets seeking to deliver existing and next generation video services. Incorporating these latest standards will further enhance our customers’ abilities to deliver high-quality content to viewers around the world.”

In addition to the new JPEG XS and other IP standards, the platform can also receive compressed or uncompressed video from 12G SDI and 40G IP and offer simultaneous support for a complete spectrum of codecs. This includes AVC (H.264), HEVC (H.265), TICO and JPEG 2000. It is a future proof machine capable of delivering in both 4K and 8K scenarios.

The X Platform is used worldwide for all end-to-end IP, cable, satellite, terrestrial, IPTV and OTT solutions. It offers encoding/transcoding/decoding, modulation/demodulation and scrambling/descrambling, as well as advanced processing and multiplexing. Our modular approach allows customization on the X Platform to meet specific customer requirements, including high-speed IP, low latency compressed and uncompressed video delivery, and high-density SDI.

Appear TV, based in Oslo, Norway, is dedicated to designing and producing world-class equipment and solutions for the delivery of professional video services. The company’s mission is to deliver unique products that open up new opportunities for video distribution. We work closely with our customers to ensure that we are at the forefront of technology and at the same time offer user-friendly equipment.

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