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Remote Workflow Solution During COVID19: SRT Live Streams

Article from Newsbridge

Fri 26, 06 2020

The Rise of Remote Working: Home Contribution and Production

In light of the recent health epidemic sweeping the globe, story production teams, journalists and broadcasters are adjusting to working from home. At the same time, management is now turning toward cloud-based solutions to promote efficient remote workflows with the objective of sustaining and ensuring high quality and quickly transferred deliverables.

Remote Production: Confinement Constraints during Covid19

As with most routine changes, working from home has posed a series of unique challenges for production teams worldwide.

To name just a few, issues related to: latency, saturated bandwidth, low quality deliverables, internet connection overcrowding and VPN related connectivity problems are a major source of concern.

Luckily there are readily available services that can come to the remote workflow rescue!

SRT Streams: The SOS Remote Workflow Solution

At this time, most newsrooms are turning toward SRT Open Source Protocol (Secure Reliable Transport) in order to ensure stable workflows.

As we are now seeing an all-time high in at home contribution, Newsbridge (as a member of the SRT Alliance) is delighted to offer its cloud-based platform which includes SRT streaming services for quicker and higher quality contributions via a highly secure and reliable remote workflow with custom roles and permissions.

Newsbridge: The All-In-One Remote Production Platform

Not only does Newsbridge provide adaptability for ensuring video content is delivered in record-breaking time during this sensitive period via SRT, but it also serves as an all-in-one platform for story production teams that promises unprecedented access to content from the comfort of home- promoting collaborative workflows among shared content while teams are apart. Simply put, employees are able to download their rough cuts and send them directly to their clients in either a file or link format.

Newsbridge Client Case Study: TF1 Media Factory

But don’t just take our word for it, find out what our clients are saying.

For an example of how TF1 is using the Newsbridge platform and SRT streaming, contact us for a recording of our recent webinar featuring an exchange between Newsbridge CTO Frederic Petitpont and Deputy Director of the Media Factory Yves Bouillon, as he discusses the current remote production process for The Voice: link (TBD).

Rescue Remote Production from Newsbridge: Free 15 Day Trial

In times of crisis, it is important to think collectively and help each other out.

We would like to open up our platform with a free trial run for production teams during this time, which also happens to be a large-scale quarantine period for a majority of countries- and hence the most difficult time for production teams.

For more information to access this offer, please contact our team here.

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