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Scripted TV Production

White Paper from MOG Technologies

Fri 30, 04 2021

We are now in 2021, and it’s no news that high-end scripted content has faced Covid-related delays for far longer than their unscripted counterparts.

Producers of new scripted content – which can typically spend an average of 11 months in production – have been battling against delays well end up to the early months of 2021, but numbers are expected to improve as this type of narrative is slowly resuming globally.

During this downtime, production also forced programmers to air older and less popular content to fill gaps, and some have turned to unscripted material to pad their schedules.

Even though this strategy might have worked for a short period of time, producers of some of linear TV’s most popular content are now pushing to get the show on the road in order to meet consumers’ demand for recent, relevant, and local content.

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