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NP Style Batteries

The NP-L7S is the industry standard NP-style battery for powering audio equipment.

Panasonic/JVC Professional Batteries

Large capacities and D.C. outputs. More recording time. Less time changing batteries.

SHOTOVER K1 Camera System

A 6-axis gyro stabilized, high-performance, camera system developed for the motion picture industry.

SHOTOVER M1 Camera System

A small and lightweight 6-axis gyro stabilized camera system

Sony BPU Style Batteries

Sony BPU Style Batteries in two capacities with D.C. output options

Sony L Style 7.2V Batteries

Three batteries with different capacities and price points.


The Total Video Ad Serving Platform for Premium Publishers and Broadcasters.

TED – Tango Electronic Drive

The Tango Electronic Drive enables you to motorize your Tango Roller (camera slider).


Whether it’s on air, online or on site, if you create content, we can supply the kit


UA107x8.4BESM befits 4K cameras and achieves 107x zoom ratio


A portable broadcast wide zoom lens with optical performance compatible with 2/3″


A portable broadcast zoom lens with optical performance compatible with 2/3″ format 4K