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Archiving Services

PFT’s award winning Media ERP Suite, CLEAR, offers a new way of Archiving precious content.

Audio- DWX & Location Sound

Sony DWX Wireless Audio Series Provides New Possibilities for On Location Sound Recording

Augmented Reality/Virtual Sets

NEP provides turn-key packages for Augmented Reality and Virtual Sets


An enterprise-level, automated file-based QC tool that integrates into your file-based workflow.

Automated Ingest

NEP offers automated ingest solutions.

BaishanCloud Cloud Delivery

BaishanCloud’s globally distributed edge servers deliver your assets in a fast and reliable manner.

BaishanCloud Cloud Shield

Comprehensive protection against cyber attacks, featuring Anti-DDoS, WAF, Bot Management and more.

BaishanCloud Dynamic Acceleration

Baishan’s dynamic acceleration provides real-time, personalized and interactive content at the edge.

BaishanCloud Streaming Delivery

One-stop streaming service to ingest and accelerate b Live Streaming and VOD content.

Bare Metal Cloud (BMC)

Bare Metal Cloud offers high-performance computing with cloud-like flexibility.

BVM series – BVM-HX310

BVM-HX310, 31-inch (diag.) 4K HDR TRIMASTER HX™ Professional Master Monitor

Caringo Drive Remote Storage Access

Caringo Drive is a virtual drive that gives you simple access to Swarm from macOS and Windows