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Secure content packaging with ExpressPlay DRM and AWS Media Services

Blog from Intertrust

Fri 31, 07 2020

In today’s OTT video streaming universe, the number of service contenders has risen dramatically with the latest entrants like Disney+ and NBC Universal’s Peacock service. With so much choice, competition for eyeballs is higher than ever. These days viewers of course expect access to content anytime and on any device, with limited patience for operators that do not meet such expectations. This makes it challenging for operators to effectively monetize their services while also protecting the content against piracy in various forms.

We are seeing an increased eagerness in migration of packaging and content preparation workflows to the AWS Cloud. To help OTT service providers along, Intertrust Technologies and AWS Media Services have authored a joint solution brief outlining how to achieve secure content packaging with cloud-based multi-DRM service. ExpressPlay DRM™ is a cloud-based multi-DRM service interoperable with AWS Elemental MediaPackage and AWS Elemental MediaConvert, leveraging the Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange (SPEKE) interface to protect premium content for live and on-demand OTT streaming services.

AWS developed the SPEKE API, which provides a simple and secure interface for delivery of keys and DRM signaling to the content encryption device. Learn more by reading this AWS Media blog, Secure content packaging with ExpressPlay DRM and AWS Media Services, written by guest author Gadi Ittah, director of product management at Intertrust.

About Intertrust Media Solutions

Intertrust Media Solutions provides robust content protection solutions for media and entertainment. Our ExpressPlay Security Suite protects content delivered to any screen, any time. ExpressPlay DRM is a cloud-based multi-DRM service with proven scalability in the largest OTT streaming platforms globally, complemented by watermarking and anti-piracy services. Visit us at

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