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Founded in 2014, Génération Numérique is a 360-based agency offers information services to professionals in the film, television and new media industries.

The company was born out of the passion of its founders for creation and innovation and the desire to share with the greatest number the advances of a permanently evolving audiovisual ecosystem. All the activities of the agency are based on the same foundation: the intimate knowledge of the BtoB sectors, the territories of the audiovisual and related issues.

The company publishes two BtoB magazines: Mediakwest and Sonovision. It organizes Screen4ALL, the Forum for Innovative Technologies for Film, Television and New Media, and the 360 Film Festival, an international event devoted to the creation of 360 ° and VR content. To reinforce this information strategy, Génération Numérique has taken over the SATIS.

To give a new impulse to the Salon and meet the expectations of the public and exhibitors, Génération Numérique, which took over the Salon in March 2017, brings it together with Screen4All, Forum for Innovative Technologies for Film, Television and New Media.

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