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Masstech provides software solutions and expertise that over 450 media organizations around the world trust to manage their valuable digital media content and related information throughout its lifecycle. Masstech delivers superior user experiences, unmatched ROI and frictionless media asset management workflows that enable our customers to maximize their efficiency, monetize their content across multiple platforms, create better productions, enhance their competitive position, and save time and money.

Intelligent storage & asset lifecycle management

Kumulate is the latest evolution in intelligent storage, workflow and lifecycle management for video assets. Kumulate is a modular platform that allows users to build perfect object storage ecosystems, utilizing asset management, workflow orchestration and transcode modules to ensure that assets are always stored in the most efficient storage tier, and delivered to the right location in the required format. Across public cloud, private cloud, on-premise disk or tape, Kumulate’s intelligent workflows automate media ingest, transcode, packaging and delivery. Kumulate interfaces seamlessly with MAMs, PAMs or NRCS, and can harness the power of the leading cognitive services and machine learning systems to create optimised storage and lifecycle management solution.

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