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MEDIAEDGE the video system to the realization of the development of more than 17 years, a variety of industries by sales performance, also the current number you adopted me to customer type has been running for many years in Japan and around the world.

We are always customers safely peace of mind done with cooperation in the development of both the software and hardware we believe that it is the mission that I am allowed to provide a video system designed to be used. Video system, compression technology, you must respond quickly to always continued a variety of customer needs research and development in order to respond to the diversification of progress with the display device of distribution technology.?

We will continue to provide the latest in conjunction with the product development of the development department with a combination of products and optimal advanced technology which is the core of development their company unique solutions to world-class. In addition, we will continue working as an important theme alliances with companies with a state-of-the-art technology in the world.

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