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IABM members covers the entire broadcast and media technology supply chain
With over 500 members worldwide, every significant market is covered
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M.I.S. is a software and TV solutions company that produces and sells complete solutions to media sellers and TV broadcasters. Our products MISTV and MISbox are a complex, highly-integrated software solution designed for efficient management of TV stations. Above efficient handling of standard daily operations, MISTV and MISbox is focused on two main goals which are the economical keys for a successful TV station. The first one is to help you to make your station efficient – to control the broadcasting plan costs and effective use of the library which is undoubtedly the greatest asset that a TV station has. The second one is to help you to maximize your revenue from airtime sales – to get the maximum revenue possible from the available inventory. Our solution consists of two basic modules, the Air-time sales (Advertising sales) and TV station operations (Station Management system). The two basic modules are accompanied with an additional basic module called Online Business Analyzer which is a highly sophisticated, efficient, and user-friendly reporting tool.

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