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IABM Current Members

IABM members covers the entire broadcast and media technology supply chain
With over 500 members worldwide, every significant market is covered
Members local interests are championed by the IABM Member Councils

Producer of innovative SSD based 4K/3G/HD multichannel slow motion and instant replay servers for live production and «videoReferee®» systems for sport video judging. Offering replay servers from compact 1U «Simple R» to powerful 4U «Blackjack», supporting up to 24 HD/3G channels or 10 (4Rec+2Play+4Search) channels in 4K. All servers feature interface with built-in Multiviewer and automatic clip marking and playlist creation during replays and allow search simultaneously on all channels. servers can support up to 4 workplaces and DMR™ technology for parallel recording direct into native NLE formats.

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