TinkerList One-Man-Band studio is adopted in big newsrooms

TinkerList One-Man-Band studio is adopted in big newsrooms

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TinkerList One-Man-Band studio is adopted in big newsrooms

Tue 06, 12 2022

TinkerList is awarded as one of the 4 finalists of the STADIEM trajectory with their One-Man-Band automated studio. This means both public broadcaster VRT and leading broadcaster DPG Media will adopt TinkerList’s products in their newsrooms.

STADIEM, short for ‘Startup Driven Innovation in European Media’, is a project funded by the European Commission under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme and the call topic ICT-44. As such, it is part of the European Commission’s Next Generation Media initiative.

More news content needs to be produced ever more quickly, with lower budgets, yet retaining high-quality standards. This led TinkerList to design an extremely user-friendly cloud-based platform for 24/7 breaking news production, allowing one operator or journalist only to prepare the script of breaking news and present a live stream in a matter of minutes, without the assistance of any technical crew.

The online platform includes a ‘workflow-engine‘ and an ‘auto-director‘. In the workflow-engine, a journalist starts with writing the content in the rundown, built out of pre-templated blocks, such as “live interview”, “live footage”, “phone call”. Video clips and graphics can easily be uploaded into these blocks as well.

In the studio, the workflow-engine has a user-friendly interface that transforms the different rundown blocks into triggers. Via tapping or hitting the spacebar, the presenter activates the different blocks. During the live broadcast, the workflow-engine then pilots for example vMix for playback of clips, Vizrt for content on screens, etc. Everything is API-driven so there’s no custom software development needed. We firmly believe automation is the future, read our ultimate guide if you want to know more.

The result of STADIEM will be the piloting of emerging technology solutions in the (Media) or enterprise sector, demonstrating its value and benefits, breaking silos and barriers, and supporting the emerging of new business models and disruptive solutions, as well as clearly demonstrating business value generation. Together, we can change, shape and disrupt the media sector all over again.

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