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UHD / HDR in the ASAEN region and what opportunities that will give broadcasters / Media operations

Wed 26, 06 2019

Dennis Breckenridge, CEO, Elevate Broadcast

Viewers are seeking a broadcast experience which more closely emulates the real world. Broadcast Manufactures have improved picture quality changing analogue to digital. We also have seen increased resolutions however there is still be a missing element. The missing element, realistic colour and contrast which better emulates the human eye. Broadcast technology and displays have limited colour and contrast ranges based on transmission technologies which have gone largely unchanged since the 1950’s.

Today however, this has changed and there is opportunity to harness High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) on existing SDR transmission and HDR transmissions. Utilizing SL-HDR1 incorporating both static and dynamic metadata it is possible in both UHD and HD to deliver a single SDR signal and view on SDR as well as reconstruct full HDR for HDR devices. The single signal allows particularly Asian Broadcasters in HD to deliver the richest colours and highest contrast video to their viewers without increasing transmission costs. This efficient delivery enables broadcasters to deploy HDR today.

Want to learn more about High Dynamic Range and Wide Colour Gamut? Click here to see our training course.

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