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Understanding the reach of today’s video piracy

Blog post from Intertrust Technologies

Wed 16, 06 2021

Calculations of current and projected losses due to online video piracy keep going up. While pirate business models vary widely, the most successful ones revolve around websites that aggregate stolen video into legitimate-looking service offerings of on-demand and live content, mimicking a legal OTT or IPTV service provider. In this article we cover common forms of piracy and how professional video pirates find success. We also look at the crowded pool of amateur thieves that engage in illegal viewing through credential sharing and other means.

It has never been more important to not only understand the global trends of online video theft, but to determine the risks your content is facing and, most important of all, what can be done about it. Read the blog post and feel free to contact us for a free anti-piracy consultation.

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